Monday, November 9, 2020

Where do you choose to hold your attention point?


Be a Brilliant Expression of the Light

It all begins with you. During these chaotic and polarized times, it’s tempting to get drawn in. This is a complete and utter distraction, as it depletes your energetic frequency. You cannot be in chaos or any type of dissension and simultaneously be in alignment with Source/God. They are two very different frequencies. Pain and joy are extremely different energetic frequencies, and cannot coexist.

You may argue, "I must take a side," and again I would remind you it’s not what you're here for. Picking a side and fighting for it brings angst, tension and ego-driven pride. Listen with compassion, allowing others to speak their truth without making judgments or comments. You can't fix everyone else. This is not to say you are sticking your head in the sand. You see, you can't get poor enough to make poor people prosperous, you can't get sick enough, to make sick people well, and you can't get mean enough, to make mean people nice.

Manage yourself and make it your priority to remain in alignment in the vortex. Stay in your sacred heart-managing your thoughts and feelings in every moment. Yes, this can be difficult, especially when we are constantly bombarded by outside forces. Do not allow yourself to be distracted, limit the activities, such as watching TV, that may cause you to go into fear and anxiety. The most detrimental emotions are guilt, judgment and fear, as they adversely affect you.

Stop blaming your oppressors. Thank them for showing your weakness and shadow side, show yourself compassion and make any necessary changes to release the anomalies. 

Rather than looking at people and situations with contempt and distrust, see it for the distraction it is. Rather than reacting, choose to respond, which may include taking a time-out. Ask yourself often, “Am I adding to the light or the darkness with this thought, feeling or action?” You are here to be the light. Hold firmly to your divine purpose. Be the light and let it emanate all around you, transmitting and assisting others in remembering who they are. 

As the Light pours in, everything is coming to the forefront to be cleared. This is a chaotic cycle with distortions coming up and there is a way out of it. Love lifts you out of the polarization. Be kind to yourself and take time daily to make the connection with the divine wisdom that resides within.

Rise above the noise and chaos with tools to help you traverse this tumultuous time. 
Join me in an online class “Navigating Uncharted Waters,” providing techniques to assist you during these turbulent times to remain centered, calm and aware. See details below.



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