Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Winds of Change

We are living in times of great change within our world system – a time of breakdown and breakthrough.  Change is occurring in the form of economic, political and cultural turmoil. Tumultuous weather patterns are also arising.

“It is not possible to avoid your current necessity of change or to precisely predict the means and extent to which it will occur, thus avoidance and control are not the actions to carry you through". 

 What then does assist You in remaining Stable?

At such times the foremost imperative is to turn your creative attention and positive intent to simplifying processes, being ready to frequently recalibrate your plans.  

When change occurs Be in a space of observation allowing yourself to look and listen to the "still small voice" within to see which course of action or non action may be best for you. 

At such times of noise and chaos, there are certain wise choices that assist you in remaining calm, stable and centered.  

 Imperatives for navigating seemingly more chaotic times. 

7  Wise Actions

Here are 7 wise actions, imperatives that when applied will serve us best.  Though they are common concepts, these six ideas, altogether, form a guideline for a productive response.

1. Be Flexible- As the tree allows the wind to pass through while also remaining steadfast and grounded, with the art of allowing you no longer resist the change and are open to receive without expectations or attachments.

2.  Simplicity - Simple things are excellent right now.  We could make this our first imperative:  Seek elegant simplicity.  Simplify life; trimming where possible, choosing simplicity in our responses and interactions with others too.

When things are chaotic, it is wise to devote our resources to our core interests and requirements, simplifying everything else. 

There will, of course, be much we cannot or choose not to stop.  For those, the art is in continuing with simplicity of mind, emotion and energy expenditure.

3. Creative Approach – Adopting a creative approach alters time and space, it smoothes the current moment as well as the path ahead.  It brings focus to Now and entertains and engages our minds, breaking patterns of fear, worry and confusion. 

Creativity is fun and a sense of fun is invaluable when navigating challenging times.  We can bring creativity to our mental patterns, our emotional feelings and responses, and to the story we are telling ourselves about our lives.  

We move our life and dreams forward with greater ease and enjoyment when we think and respond creatively.

4. Positive Intent – Without our positive intent, our passage is far riskier and the outcome more vulnerable to the capricious winds.

Positive intent isn’t hoping for the best or trying to keep a good attitude.  It means we first determine where we, and our world, are headed - the new shore, that new way of living and being.  We determine what it will be.  Then we add our steady intention to this positive decision

Positive intent includes a meaningful commitment to our choice of outcome, holding steady and doing whatever it takes to see it through. 

This action of determining what will positively be the outcome and then steadily holding it is more important even than the end result that may take longer than expected.  This is being a conscious, awakened, dreamer.  It is one of the most important gifts we offer our changing world.

Our sustained and clearly self-determined intention creates our forward movement.

Our intent to thrive serves as the magnetic attractor for guidance, strength and especially the spontaneous factors that shift probabilities from potential for disaster to certain safe harbor.

5. Community - Our safety and support is found in our community.  It’s wise to strengthen our friendships and family bonds wherever possible, engaging in our communities whether individual, social, religious, work, or even the virtual ones.  While supporting them and receiving support we can reinvent within them to our own delight, wherever possible. 

As we transform our actions and relationships within our various communities we literally see the new cities arise on the far shore.  

6. Sustained Action - Action is absolutely necessary.  The pitching rowboat is less precarious when we man the oars, so we row, row, row. 

Without action there is no forward movement. 

Without movement, the rowboat founders and is easily turned and capsized by the oncoming waves.  

7. Reinvention – In a volatile system we need a gift for spontaneous reinvention.  Successful passage lies in our ability to be responsive to sudden changes, recalibrating and reinventing our dreams quickly when needed.

To reinvent masterfully, remain flexible and connect within to find your inner compass. 

In a nutshell, we can navigate our current world best when we streamline our lives by remaining flexible, simplifying, being creative, strengthening our communities, holding positive intent, sustaining balanced action and looking within and connecting with your highest wisdom.  Doing these, we should be ready to shift toward greater opportunity and ease of passage even in chaos! 

Shifting together into better ways of being and doing is the exciting opportunity within systems experiencing heightened complexity and chaotic change.

I wish you my fellow travelers, safe passage through these turbulent times.  Remember that regardless of what happens, regardless of where and in what situations we find ourselves in, let us remember that above all else, we are the creators of our reality. Be a shining light. And have a good journey.