Tuesday, November 26, 2019

BE the Light 

What all religions have in common is candles. During this holy time of the year, we see candles a blazing everywhere and they are here to remind us, we each carry the light of Source within us.

During these times, sometimes we feel the heaviness and darkness rather than the light. 
It's important in such times to go inward, into the sacred heart where the flame burns brightly, and connect to the Oneness. Be open to the flow and allow yourself to feel whatever feelings you are feeling-whether it be grief, anxiousness, sadness or anger. Now call in the light of love, the light of truth, and allow it to flow with ease and grace.
When the light is brought into the darkness, it lifts and illuminates everything allowing a shift to occur. 

See and feel how this flame is your individual expression of the Divine. Be in awe and wonderment, and with each breath you take, see the light grow and expand. Know and trust yourself as you allow the light from God/Source to guide you in all ways. Be in awe and wonderment, and with each breath you take see the light grow and expand. You are creating a ripple affect by holding the light and shining your light, giving others permission to do the same. 

Some helpful mantras to include: 
" I allow my Divine inner Being to guide me for the greatest good of all." 
" I am a Divine vessel and I allow my light to shine brightly."
I am Love."
" I am Light."

In this way you are a beacon of hope for all to see and experience. Let this holiday season bring you joy, compassion and harmony, as you shed your light as a Divine child of God. 

Wishing you a Blessed season filled with hope, love and peace,

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Reap What You Have Sown

Like the full moon which has completed its cycle, fall symbolizes completion of your work.
The fruits of your labor are ripe for harvesting; it is time to reap what you have contemplated, sown and nurtured. Harvest completions provide you the material wherewithal and insurance- like nuts gathered by the squirrel- for inactive periods and winters of austerity.

If there are unfinished projects, don’t let it stagnate and hold you back. The energies stagnate when you become fearful. Allow yourself the freedom to observe without judgment. Take the time to assess what is fulfilling you and release that which no longer serves you. See the multitude of possibilities. Take action where guided.

As a regenerator and revitalizer, you are creative. You can script your storyline. Like the life-giving rain, you can transform a barren situation into a garden of delight and abundance. As Wayne Dyer shared, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Everything you see is your energy. Energy is a way to perceive an experience. Allow the energies to support you in fulfilling ways. Open your heart and receive the bountiful harvest that awaits you.

Wishing you a Blessed and Fruitful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Have You Been Triggered Lately?

                                                    These are crazy times we are in.

There are so many possible triggers- with politics, the economy, work, friends, and we must not forget our family members!

When something triggers you, please gift yourself with allowing yourself the time to notice it. Create a nurturing space where you can look at what is going from a neutral place. This can be challenging to say the least, however if you don’t, you’ll never gain additional insight to the patterns in your life that aren’t serving you.

Take this time of introspection and ask yourself these questions: What do you have to admit to yourself about your current situation? When you think about it, what feelings arise? Why? The anomaly arrises for you to take notice and to chose differently. If you don’t have any awarenesses, how can you positively change your life?

Do not align yourself self with the problem or challenge at hand. Always perceive it from a centered calm place. Sometimes you'll need to take a break and get away from it. In these instances, take a nap, go outside in nature, or watch something up-lifting. Lift your spirits in any possible that works best for you.

From this centered space If you’re feeling excluded, still see your wholeness. If you’re not feeling accepted, see yourself being acceptable. If you’re not feeling worthy, feel into your worthiness. These limiting beliefs arise to be cleared. Only you can do this for yourself. Yes, it takes time and attention- and you are worth it!!

Love and Light,


Thursday, July 18, 2019

 I Am Light
We are in intense times. Many things are brewing and bubbling over. As I have said many times, There are No More Secrets. The old outdated is disintegrating all around us to make way for the new. Unpleasant as it may be, it must be brought out to the forefront to be acknowledged and then cleared. The news shares about sex offenders and such, and these things must be divulged.  I am not sharing this to be negative, rather to prepare you.

Why am I bringing this up? I implore you to Hold Your Light. To shine your true colors.
Because when such news is presented, it will certainly be necessary for you to do so.
As things are exposed it will not be a pretty sight. 

You have an important role to play if you can remember not to be drawn into drama and to remain neutral as all unfolds. This is done moment by moment, decision by decision. You have tools available to use. Remember the importance of your breath, as it brings you into the present moment where you connect with your I Am Presence. Ask the many Angels and Guides for assistance with any and all of your needs. You are not alone!
If you need assistance, know I am here offering many simple yet valuable techniques which can give you the ability to flow with ease and grace during these transitional times.

It is essential to remember who you are and to discover the Light you truly are. Shine your Light brightly. Remember when Light is brought into a dark room, it lightens up the room-the darkness does not diminish the light. In these darkest of moments, remember who you are. It is then you you keep saying this to yourselves over and over … 


You have to believe it to see it!



Friday, June 7, 2019

Let your Inner Child Bloom

As the shift of consciousness continues we are bearing witness to the dissolution of the dark and are moving into the light. We are in the midst of strange and odd things occurring in our political system, financial world and in the religious realm. Lack of integrity and greed are starting to crumble. Because Light is winning! Darkness is flailing around in its last breath.

When we are open to the change and don’t fall prey to what the media portrays then a real shift can ensue.  If you believe you are a Devine and sovereign being and have awakened to this realization, real change occurs. You Remember who you truly are and bloom in the light of this truth.

A few questions to ponder..

1. How are you going to move from dark to light?
I’d like to share  a few attributes,a list of helpful insights in moving from the dark into the light. Do you believe it? Do you believe a shift in consciousness is occurring? 
The reason this is primary and is of the utmost importance is that if you don’t believe it..
If your consciousness doesn’t take it in as truth.. your body won’t believe it and you haven’t got a chance. You have to be on board. You have to own it! Do you believe it? For if you don’t believe and know that it all comes down to the realization that you are a divine and sovereign being, then you are unaware of yourself.
As you look around the planet and see what is going on, do you believe the shift is occurring? Is it wishful thinking or do you believe you are part of this grand shift?

Once you know it’s real and you’ve decided clearly for yourself, you can begin.
This time offers you the opportunity to awaken to your inner beauty and wisdom.

2. What habits are you going to carry that keep you in the dark? This is nothing to be ashamed or guilty about. What if you could look at your life from a place of observation, without judgement or blame- what golden tidbits could be gleaned?
Are you a complainer? Perhaps you initiate it -or perhaps you chime in with others. This is merely a habit. It’s a cultural habit.  What are you going to do about it?

Do you have a positive approach-or do you buy into the negativity of others?
Without being contrary or making them wrong, can you believe otherwise? 

What are your next steps?
One of the best questions I ask myself “Am I adding to the light or darkness?”

Feel the sense of joy in a quiet compassionate manner and know you are a light keeper! You are the hope and the light of the planet!


Thursday, April 4, 2019

You Can't Take Your Baggage With You

For a moment imagine you've been carting around allot of baggage. It's heavy and you've become weary. You may not even have been aware of it, as it's so familiar to you. What is the baggage? Beliefs that you have taken on as your own. We have all of these beliefs. What if everything you believe isn't true? 

As this shift of consciousness accelerates and many wake-up there will be much confusion and disorientation as the old patterns of consciousness fall away and new choices are made available. Building a conscious platform of well being to allow yourself better choices and less engagement with the confusion is a necessary choice for a smooth transition into a higher level of consciousness and your own personal ascension. How can we let go of the baggage and move into the higher states of awareness? 
When you look at the world and what you want - look at what you’ve got.  We’ve been given a set of beliefs that are not our own. What do I mean by that? Every thought you have of “I’m not Ok” is a belief system that you’ve taken on as your own. These belief systems really come from someone else, such as your parent, teacher, friend or priest. It’s truly not your stuff! But you've been unknowingly carting this baggage around with you.
All of these beliefs reside in the subconscious mind. The sub conscious mind is similar to the basement in your home. The sub conscious consists of all of these limiting thoughts and emotions that live below the surface. The limiting beliefs can be released, but first we need to bring them up from the basement to create an awareness of them, and then we can chose to release them.

When you release these sub conscious limiting beliefs, you are left with your true Divine Essence …You are Love. Pure and simple, you can’t not be love. You were made in the image and likeness of God, and you’ve temporarily forgotten, the Love you are. You spontaneously know the limiting beliefs of "not being good enough" or not being “OK” are thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you.

It’s similar to a beach ball. If we take a beach ball and submerge it, the ball will continually pop up. The ball cannot be held down. And so it is, with your thoughts and emotions, if you don’t have an awareness of them, how can you possibly address it? The other term for this may be your “shadow side”. We feel if we don’t look at it, it’s hidden and we don’t have to deal with it. The opposite is true. Whatever emotion and thought you are looking to shove or push down, will come up again and again, by our “teachers” who come along and push our buttons.
If you continue to fight for your limitations, you will be creating more work for yourself. Specifically, if you let the rational mind or ego dictate that it has to continue as it always has, then you will rub against yourself and it will be very uncomfortable.
We are at an unprecedented time and the Heavenly realm is initiating a quantum shift of energy, vibration and consciousness for all humanity evolving on earth. You are being supported as you let go of that which no longer serves you.  

Let Your Baggage Go!

Release and let go of self judgement, blame, shame, guilt, doubt and unworthiness. Empty out the bag as it has become heavy and wearisome. Allow yourself the freedom to live your life unencumbered as a sovereign masterful being of love. Enjoy the Journey!



Friday, March 29, 2019

Happy Spring!

The Spring offers the perfect time to plant seeds. When we work and play with the rhythms
of nature, we are moving with the natural flow of life. We are supported. Focus on what you love, not on what you fear. It’s all about connecting to our heart, and allowing what we love into our life.

How can we tap into the powerful unseen forces to assist us in our evolvement? Simply ask, and become aware of the synchronicities and how you are continuously being guided in the manifestations of your greatest desires. Become aware you are creating your life experiences. With every thought and feeling you are making a choice. Don’t like what you see? Change it with a better thought and feeling.

Join in and begin the journey to reclaim your divine birthright. You are magnificent, whole and complete- although you may need a little assistance in remembering your true beauty and light! The Empowerment Process (listed below) provides the platform and structure to awaken and guide you in the transformation of your life. The time is ripe for the planting of your seeds. Are you ready?!

Wishing you all the best this Spring Season!


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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

March On!

Happy Spring!

"What is my identity
Outside my social role?
It's not what people think or say,
But my connection to my Soul." ~ Kaypacha 

As you'll hear in my Heavenly Guidance this month, the Holy Spirit directs us to get in touch with our hearts innermost desires- whether it's a new project, following a new path, or simply to live a more harmonious life. This Spring Equinox is on March 20th, and offers us a wonderful platform to support us as we give birth to our dearest desires.

In order to do so, we will want to move out of the mindset of being concerned about what others may think of us. Kaypacha so beautifully stated it in the quote above, when he shared the true importance comes from our connection to Source and our Soul. Rather than seeking the answers outside ourselves its best to look within and gain the wisdom from our soul. No one else knows what is best for you. Although they might be well-intentioned, learn to listen to the small quiet voice within. It will never steer you wrong because it only wants what is for your highest good.

The challenge is we've been brought up to look to outside sources for our guidance. We don't trust ourselves because we haven't practiced the art of looking within, and frankly we don't feel comfortable with it. As with anything, practice makes perfect. It all begins with you making a conscious decision to create a new pathway for yourself.

Enjoy taking time to go within and explore your many options. There's a treasure chest waiting for you~
if only you stop, ask, listen, allow and give gratitude. Unlimited possibilities are awaiting you.



Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day

During this month of February, we are being reminded love is at the very core and essence of everything. Sometimes we have forgotten this all important message. We get caught up in all of the distractions life brings us. 

If we can take time for ourselves on a daily basis to be quiet and go within, we will remember the love we are. We see from a compassionate heart, hear without judgements, feel grateful knowing all is perfect alignment and have a fulfilling life.

Granted this can be challenging, especially when we are so invested in the mind and the all consuming thoughts, some conscious and some unconscious. Duality carries friction, anxiety and stress. When we drop from the noise in the rational mind and center ourself in the wisdom of our heart, we can experience life from a space of love rather than fear. Fear feels tight, restrictive and scary. 

When life is lived from the heart, it feels warm,comforting and inviting. We are balanced and experience life from this neutral unified space-this oneness of the zero point where everything is possible! Take the time to cultivate this inherent love and watch it blossom and grow in unexpected and miraculous ways.

From my heart to yours, I am gifting you with this complimentary recording from my online class on “Self-love and how to be your own best friend”. MP3 Download Click Here. Simply email “Gift” and youI will receive the complimentary class.

Remember you are compassionate, divine light and love. You are one with all that is, and all is well in all of life.

Love, Light and Unity,