Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Change in the Sun's Polarity

Greetings, dear ones.

A Change in the Sun’s Polarity

I am eM and I am here because you have changed this planet. You have already shifted every single part of it and now you are starting to acclimate into a new world. This is not easy to do which is why we want to tell you what lies ahead, because that is the beautiful part about what you are in the midst of right now. The Keeper has been talking about this change in your sun’s polarity, but the sun is not the only thing that changes polarity. Planet Earth has already changed several times as well. Why would something ever change polarity? Well, there is a simple reason, dear ones, for all of this is about balance.

The field of polarity or duality, in which you have been working in this third dimension of yours, has separated everything out and what you have been dealing with are your perceptions. You create the moment you open your eyes. Now there are even more possibilities happening in brand new ways, and this is what we wish to share with you today because it has begun. You see, the first year of this transition has been all about acclimation; it has been about learning to understand the new power. Now you even have the work of the cosmos behind you. This change of polarity of the sun is sending out a huge magnetic field. No, it is not strong, it is huge. It covers the cosmos with what you call a weak—and we call a subtle—energy field which permeates everything. Well, that is how we control everything. We actually use the collective we because you are a part of that as well. We control the universe through these subtle magnetic fields. This is what you have used when you have done your long distance healing,   when you send good thoughts to or pray for people. You have sent out those magnetic waves so that others could walk into them and experience the energy.

March 2014

As the sun starts to change, the polarity movement of the plate itself is slowing down; parts of that have been in motion are catching up with it. This is starting new crinkles for soon a part will go ahead, then fall back, go ahead again, and finally it will find its new balance in the opposite direction. Instead of turning one way, it will be turning the other and that change is an opportunity for all of you over the next four months. In other words, it is starting right away. Your sciences do not believe it will start in another three or four weeks and we tell you it has already begun. You will feel it in your body emotionally, but it will not finally acclimate until late March. March of 2014 will be an acclimation time for this new energy, and as that happens you will be learning to live in a new world. Yes, it will feel strange just as moving from a past world into this new world has. But this time you will feel more surety, you will feel a confidence in your heart and that is the beauty of what is taking place.

The Reunion of Light on Planet Earth

There is so much more. The Keeper has spoken about living in a time of no more secrets. That is absolutely the beauty of it all because when you all take off those illusions of who you are pretending to be, you get down to the spirit within and you learn to know each other on a totally different basis. This is the reunion of the light on planet Earth which it is happening now and it is so beautiful to see. This next 12 months beginning right now offer you the capacity to ground a new light on Earth within your being. You have been carrying more of your own light and have the ability of walking in a new body as well. This new body will not carry all of the emotional scar tissue that you have been burdened with, and it will allow you to change your energy by your own decision. You have tried it and worked with these in new areas, but they are coming in. Now what is necessary for you to do that, to understand that every emotion you have is true? Oh, that confuses many of you because you try to think of your emotions and judge the ones you want to have, and which are negative or positive. We do not consider any of these emotions to be bad or right or wrong. They are simply your reflection of who you are and what you are experiencing in that moment.

A Time of Stillness . . . Zero point

As the shift takes place and energy subtly moves from one area of circulation to another, you will feel a confidence that you have been missing. This will give you the opportunity to move but you must be prepared to do so, which is why we are giving you this message right now. It is the time of stillness, in preparation for the time of movement, which is right in front of you. You have a very unusual opportunity in front of you, because when this changes direction it moves and releases your magnetic pull from the sun for a short time as it goes to zero point. When it goes to zero point, which is happening very quickly, that is a magical time of balance on planet Earth. The biggest part about balance is the male/female energy that you have been working to balance for a very long time. Now they are showing up and you have a chance to balance yourself, your own energy and the environment around you. You are basically creating an entirely new world and you have that opportunity to recognize this and choose your world around you. Yes, it is going to mean gaining your confidence because that is the magnetism that pulls everything from the cosmos to you. Just as if you were Home, if you were thinking of a chocolate cake, a chocolate cake would show up right in front of you. Well, you have those capabilities here now. But you will not be doing it with chocolate cake, you will be doing it with each other.

You Are Now Set to Create Your Reality

There are new connections and families to be made, new energies to be brought to Earth, and this is why much of the shifting of this past year had to take place the way it did. Now you are set. Many of you are saying, “What do you mean I am set? I have no connections at all. I have lost everything.” Well, trust us. You are now set, for you are in a position that you can step into your reality and create it. So, we ask all of you to look at yourselves not the way other people look at you, but the way you feel inside. Take a look at your own balance of the masculine and the feminine. Some of you have considered one to be better than the other, yet they are not, for they are both becoming useless on their own. It must be a balance between the two for you to move forward; everything out of balance will now show up in a new way, protruding into your world in a very intrusive way You have this capability, these new ideas and the motivation to make your life yours. However, your voice must be heard for this, dear ones. You are the only one that can create your reality. If you balance your masculine and feminine, draw in enough masculine power and feminine creativity, accepting the beauty of both, then you can step into this new world smoothly.

The Zero Point Energy

While the rotation is occurring, as soon as it turns the other way you have opportunities. Most of you will think, “Something does not feel quite right today. I do not know what it is, but I do not feel quite grounded in the same way that I did before so maybe something is wrong. Maybe I am doing something wrong.” We tell you that this is the release; this is the zero point energy which all of you can experience over the next few months. As this starts to acclimate for you and after it has fully landed, that is a time for action, for there is no better time for moving in any direction of your passion, but what does that mean? Does this mean it is time for you to step out and finally do all those things that you thought you had to do? Many of you actually have lists of things that you think you must accomplish in this lifetime. Dear ones, we tell you it is never about your accomplishments; it is about the direction that you choose to move. If you choose to move in the direction of your heart, then it is easy for us to magnetically put everything in the path that you choose. Yet if you are doubting yourself and saying, “I will wait until I feel confident to move forward. I am not quite sure.” Then it will pass you by, for that is your choice. There is a very unique opportunity to ground your own balance in the new light and energy of the new Earth, where the feminine and masculine are both honored and valued equally.

The Satan Experiment

It has been a very long time that you have lived in a field of polarity, or duality as you call it. Well, that is already over because it is now the field of triality. Most of you do not know quite how that works, so you simply try using the same attributes and control mechanisms that you used in a field of duality. You are quite frustrated, because although they seem to work on some occasions they do not always. So, let us speak a little bit of that. When in the field of duality everything that you saw had opposite sides, which is  why humans made up the illusion of hell. You could not understand heaven without imagining the opposite of it in some way and, of course, that one has been used in all sorts of ways. We did not imagine that you would use that one in quite that way, dear ones.. Oh, you are familiar with the term, As below, so above. That is actually how it is. Many times we emulate you on planet Earth and that is what we did with the Satan experiment. We pretended to have duality in heaven where there was none, so we had a Satan experiment and it worked out very well. But we tell you, he is Home now. Lucifer is one of the greatest angels of all times and has helped everyone acclimate in that duality because that is what was needed. You no longer need that flow back and forth; you no longer need to take three steps forward and sometimes two steps back. Now you can take steady steps and move forward in your reality into a new life. All it is going to take is that first step forward.

All of Your Emotions are Perfect

Many of you have found challenges on your path, or wondered if you are even on the right path or have interpreted the signs from Spirit incorrectly and are doing something wrong. The entire concept of right and wrong, dear ones, had to do with duality. We tell you now, it is only about a slight adjustment. Although many of you have not been given the success you want in the area you have hoped for, now all that can change. Please do not use the same rules that you were using in the old world. Instead, go straight from the heart and align everything from it. Know that all your emotions in each moment are perfect and you never need to hide them, which is the difficult part of Earth. Even just a short time ago the Keeper was sitting here watching the one called Meg and the tears were flowing from his eyes. He tried to keep it from everyone for a while but could not. That is the balance of the energy flowing through. Not that everyone needs to cry, but when you spend a lifetime not allowing yourself to do it sometimes there is some catching up to do. The wiring has to adjust but that is the balance, for in that moment if he would have been worried about what everyone would be thinking of him, of not being a masculine man as he was told to be when he was young, then it would have completely wiped out the advancements he made in that short time. That is what typically happens on Earth. You take a step forward, turn around and look at humanity looking at you and then you take a step back again. Now it is time to gain a new vision, a new balance of your own sexual energy and claim a different role on Earth because you are teachers and healers of the greatest magnitude. Some of you re-member it; some of you work in those areas to bring it through, and others are simply trying to re-member.

Your Color Is Part of a Large Rainbow

Dear ones, never judge yourself, for when you do you are simply slapping god in the face. You have been entrusted to bring something huge to Earth during a very critical time of evolution, and now you are here trying to figure out if this is actually the time. “I have known something but maybe I was just being grandiose. Maybe I was just seeing myself making a difference on Earth. Maybe I was just imagining myself on stage, talking to people.” Maybe not. Maybe those visions were planted deeply in your own field of remembrance so that you could re-member who you are and what you came to do. Now more than ever before, dear ones, is the time and you will see it happening. Some of you will retreat when you first feel the energy for it is evasive. First, it feels like a blast of hot air in your face but the moment you start to say, “That it is okay. We knew it was coming so we will protect ourselves and figure out what we need to do to acclimate to the new energy.” Then you will stop seeing the change as negative, which is the greatest challenge on Earth because of the duality and polarity that all of you have worked with for so long. You see everything as right or wrong, up or down, good or bad, and black or white. It is time to bring the beautiful grays into the world. There was never actually any black or white, because all of it is a blending of energies. You loved to have the purity of the separateness and the uniqueness of who you are, so you stand and you hold your color to the world. Well, dear ones, you are part of a large rainbow. You have always believed yourself to be separate and you are now reaching that level of existence on Earth where you are starting to see your connections. Yes, there are many of you who have taken the lead to step into what you call your Lightwork and make something happen in alignment with your heart. It is very beautiful, but difficult sometimes because it does not always bring you the exact results you think you were aiming for. Why is that? Because, dear ones, sometimes it is not completely in alignment with the larger picture and that is what you are all learning to do. You are learning to step lightly and to move with the flow. It is not that you must change your destination, but you now have the ability to a new shortcut on your path.
We tell you there are many changes still coming to Earth. Some may see these as negative, because at times it requires taking a step back first in order to step forward. You will especially notice this in the area of secrets, for there will no longer be any secrets. You are starting to see that on your televisions daily and it is a wonderful thing. You will grow tired of being fascinated with all the lies that were told to you. You will get weary of dealing with all the corruption and conspiracies. You will simply move to your heart and set something in motion. Does that mean that if it is blocked that you are unsuccessful? No, dear ones. It means moving in the direction of your heart. The moment you assign a destination to it, you take yourself out of the now moment that the Time Keeper has spoken about so clearly.  It is the only moment that is possible to live in and have a spiritual experience in. Yet many of you live in the past or the future; you invest yourselves in different ways. Now it is being drawn into this moment where you can ground yourself in a whole new light, which is challenging. You will learn new words—“I am a balanced being. I have no sexuality.” There are many polarized Earthlike planets throughout what you call the universe, or shall we say the multiverse? The universe used to mean all that is, but now it simply means one section of all that is. We love the way you change this. We have spoken before about the new planets that will be found in your own solar system, and you have already found three of them and there are more coming. Is it of great importance to you? No, dear ones, it is just beautiful for you no longer need to be kept in the dark about anything.

Your Perfect Imperfections

There are certainly a lot of adjustments because you have had gods walking around wearing blindfolds and not being able to see that they were gods. Even though they have the words written very clearly on their chests, you had to see it through the hearts and eyes of everyone else. Now even that reflection is moving slightly so you will be able to see more of yourself. It is difficult because when you see that much beauty held within you, you will naturally doubt it. If you looked in the mirror and saw an incredible beauty coming back to you, you would necessarily find the perfect imperfection. You would find what was wrong, which is naturally what you do in a field of polarity. You bring it into your world by loving the imperfections. Dear ones, that is you. You will not be loved for your perfections, for you are loved for your imperfections because that is what you have dared to carry to Earth. Now find what you can do with them because that is the mystery of all that you have been holding and hiding from other people. You believed that those looking at you somehow defined who you were, but all of it is changing. Are you ready for the next step?

The Speed of Love

It is happening now, so welcome these times and the next sacred months that are in front of you. Make magic with them and move in the direction of your passion, but do not attach yourself to the outcome because that takes it out of the now moment. Simply say, “Today, I have moved just a little bit closer to feeling something in my heart that I have experienced in my daily life.” Now you are on target to be the creator beings creating a brand new world in every moment of every day with a balanced energy. Here is a very interesting part, dear ones, for we tell you there is a balanced sexual energy on this planet. The masculine has been the most powerful energy, while the creative quiet of the feminine has always been somewhat hidden. That needs to change very quickly if all of Earth is to awaken, for there can be no more dominance in that way.  Now that means a lot of changes in everyone’s lives. The way that you have viewed the collective vibrations, such as through your governments, are changing. The magic is unfolding on planet Earth, so what part are you claiming for you? Now you can. Dare to step forward and know that you have been sent to Earth with a very important message—one that is needed. You may be offering your message here and everyone says they cannot see it, but that does not mean you should stop sharing it. Maybe try a different way to bring it out, but it is still the message of your heart even if it is not in place at the right time. You will fall into a field of default creation instead of conscious creation, which is where you have been living, dear ones. Do not judge yourselves, for you have been doing very well. You are moving at the speed of love which is slightly faster than the speed of light. Einstein did not even know that one.

You Are Creator Beings

You stepped into a beautiful energy and here is the amazing part that you have not been fully aware of. When you are Home and you think of a chocolate cake, a chocolate cake shows up right in front of you  sliced and ready to eat just as you expected it.  When you think of a chocolate cake even here on Earth, it is coming to you but simply has to go through the time lag. Now that cake has to find you in a slightly different way, for we would like you to start using the attributes of creation from Home on Earth. The timeline has drastically diminished, yet many people do not know it because you have not pushed those boundaries consciously. There is a new way of creating energy very quickly, light grounding, which means that instead of working with everything, you bring it in and set it into motion. This has been taught to a limited few up to this point, but now it is part of every one of your beings and the collective. You can bring things in very quickly, but it does not take years for you to change. Many of you will now be stretching into a new expression of your light, a freedom of expression. You will find it so liberating when your planet not only balances the masculine and feminine, but also acknowledges that balance. Right now you do not even have the words in your language for a balanced being, so you call it out of balance on the masculine side or out of balance on the feminine side. What about a balanced being like myself? There you have it. All of these changes are directly in front of you now and we cannot wait to see what choices you make. You are the creator beings that have been unveiled on planet Earth. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together. I am eM.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February 2014 Message

            Listen here...

Brilliant Idea ~ Doreen Virtue

Archangel Uriel

"Yes, your idea is Divinely guided…please take action to bring your idea to fruition.
Your idea is an answered prayer. Even though it may push you past your comfort zone, know that God doesn’t  give you anything you can’t handle.  Ask for, and
be willing to receive, all of the support that you need to bring your idea to fruition.  Know that I’ll be there along the way, and you can ask me for help at any time.
i’m especially glad to give you ideas and creative insights to support you’re life’s purpose”.

 Voices of Flowers ~ Rhonda Powell Downey

Peace Rose ~ Gift of the Angels

"Within all the thorns that are presented in your life, your pains, sufferings, challenges, and even hard work, my gentle and endearing presence is always here.
When you have lost hope and feel out of touch with love, I will help you gather your courage and find the faith to go deeper inside your pain.  You will discover
that even within the deepest pain, there is a gift of peace and love. My flower, like an angel gives you the gift of beauty, love, courage, and peace.  Be as
One with me.  Allow yourself to emerge as a flower, inspired by love, and set your heart free."

Everything I touch is a Success~ Mastery of Love cards; Don Miguel Ruiz

I know establish a new awareness of success.  I know I can be as successful as I make up my mind and heart to be.  I move into the winning circle.  Golden
opportunities are everywhere for me.  Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me”.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Angelic Guidance with Doreen Virtue

                                 Angel Messages for 2014

Enjoy the Angelic Guidance,

Michael Tellinger : Ancient civilizations and Free energy

Free ask is this possible?

Check this informative video and learn more.  Break through information is being shared.
By looking into our past, we may be finding the answers to our future.

It's well worth your time!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Angelic Message January 2014

                                                          JANUARY MESSAGE  
                                                 (Please listen by clicking above link.)

Voyager Tarot
The Moon, represented by it's phases, symbolizes the law of cycles.Like the moon, you experience gentle, conservative, evolutionary change-a continuity-transformation in which Natural completions create inherent new beginnings.  Let go of emotional attachments that entrap and never go anywhere.  You need to complete the old relationships and/or patterns of relationships and move them into a new phase.  

Apollo, representing reason and logic, is eclipsed in the background.You listen to what your moon dreams tell you.  Like the dolphin, you intuit and feel out the truth.  You perceive people's patterns and cycles.

Archangel Zadkiel
Notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind, or from other people. You're hearing true Divine guidance very clearly.  It comes in the form of repetitious messages, urging you to improve a situation for yourself or others.  Pay close attention to everything you Hear in your mind and with your physical ears.  Divine directives are repetitious, loving, and to the point.

Come out of the closet
It's time for you to make your real feelings and beliefs known.Reveal who you really are to yourself and others.  This may involve having a heart-to-heart discussion with a loved one Or allowing other people to see your true nature.  You will be spiritually supported in this process, and the ascended masters will help you to be lovingly honest.  As a result of coming out of the closet, your relationships will deepen because you'll know that you're loved for who you really are.

See Only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in Others

                    See Only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in Others

Saul channeled by John Smallman, January, 1, 2014 

The New Year of 2014 has arrived bringing with it an abundance of blessings for all of humanity as you approach ever more closely to the moment of your awakening into Reality. Let go of your doubts about this and any you may have about God, even about whether He truly exists or not, for they only disconcert you. Deep within you know that you are forever held in His loving embrace and are shortly to awaken. Focus on the truth of that, the Reality of that, and allow His Love to flow through you to all of humanity uplifting and inspiring you as It does so.
We are all One. There is no separation. God is All that there is. He is His creation and therefore we are all, every one of us without exception, eternally part of or aspects of God.
You, humanity, lost sight of this eternal Truth as you engaged with the illusion and chose to experience an imaginary and unreal separation from your ever-loving Source. Well, the time has come for you to cease having that unreal and extremely discouraging experience. You were created to live as One with Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love in action, and until you return to that state you can never be truly happy.
Within the illusion you always feel driven to seek out something better, something more, and each time you find something it very quickly loses its appeal, its charm. What you are truly seeking, but scarcely recognize, is a return to Reality, only you cannot remember It, and therefore you settle for extremely unsatisfactory substitutes that can only add to your unhappiness as they constantly disappoint you, failing utterly to fill the enormous gap in your hearts that only God’s Love can satisfy.
It is always there for you, waiting for you to open to It, but distrust and disbelief have become endemic for you because you have been hurt so often and have suffered so much. To be separated from Source is to suffer, because your natural state is to be one with It, and even though the separation is unreal – if it were real you would instantly cease to exist – the pain it causes you is intense.
You long to belong, to be One with, and you seek out lovers and friends but to no avail because the only true satisfaction is to be One with your Source. When you open yourselves to that Love once more, fully open yourselves to It, all suffering ceases, and that is your awakening.
To move forwards towards that state cease all judgment and intend to see only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in others. When you do that you become a loving presence and the energy field surrounding you glows, and it warms all those with whom you connect in any manner at all. They then resonate with that warmth and their own energy fields light up with joy. There are very few among you who have not had at least a slight experience of the warmth of another’s love, and therefore you know how uplifting and inspiring it can be.
As you have been told time and time again “Love is the answer, always.” It is no good waiting for others to behave lovingly first, it just does not work like that, because that is withholding love until you receive it, and so your energy field remains cool and uninviting to others. When you offer a heartfelt loving presence others feel it, relax into it, and then respond in like manner.
The trick is to always be loving even when you feel coldness, rejection, or attack. If you automatically erect your own defenses in a situation like that no progress is possible as is demonstrated very clearly as unsuccessful attempts are made all over the world to replace conflict with peace while maintaining impregnable defenses.
Loving openness works, but very few have the courage to try it. Those that have are highly praised and honored, but are almost always thought to be exceptional people operating in exceptional circumstances that have little or no bearing elsewhere. This is most definitely not the case, so learn from those who show that Love works, follow their examples, and take courage from the results that you achieve, initially probably quite small, but startling enough to encourage you to continue.
Love starts with you. It is as simple as that. But nearly all of your cultures have taught you to be cautious, to withhold love until it can be safely offered to one who will honor it and return it. That just builds an impasse, an uncrossable barrier demonstrating hostility and distrust. Love offers itself without barriers or defenses of any kind, and continues to do so even when it encounters blocking barriers and defenses thus dissolving them, or at least bypassing them and allowing trust to grow.

In this New Year of 2014 make it your resolution and intent to offer only love, regardless of any barriers or defenses you may encounter, and help to awaken humanity, as has always been your intent from the moment that you incarnated as humans. You have limitless support and encouragement from all in the spiritual realms that will assure your success.

Saul: See Only the Light, the Christ Consciousness in Others, channeled by John Smallman, January, 1, 2014 at: