Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Connecting with the Energies

                                            THE MAGIC OF THE SLOW LANE

                               (AKA IF IT'S NOT WORKING, DON'T PUSH IT)

Are you finding things in your life to be blocked, complicated, or more difficult than usual? Then slow down, as these last two weeks in May are not supportive of rushing, over-achieving or pushing forward. Let the magic of the slow lane carry you forward now… and you will find lighter energy becomes available to you when you do.

                                                          Stop and Smell the Roses.

Give yourself the time to slow down and listen.  The more frenetic you are the more off balance  you will feel.  Easy does it is the motto of the times. Follow this in your approach to life and allow things to come to you. Change your inner state and see how the Universe responds to you.