Monday, March 13, 2017

Lucid Dreaming

I awoke the other morning with a very clear vision. I realized I had to be clear about it and immediately I wrote it down-lest I forget the details.  It seemed I was choosing between three options-similar  to the game  show with Monte Hall "Let's make a Deal".   Specifically which house did I want? Behind Door number 1- The huge mansion with all the bells and whistles; replete with everything you could ever imagine. Door number 2-The single story charming home on waterfront property with a pool and sunken garden.  Door number 3 was situated in the mountains on lakefront property. 
As I awoke, I began to fine tune each house, creating and experimenting with the finest of details. I was exhilarated  and found this to be  so much fun!  As you allow yourself to experience the feelings of what it feels like to live in each  house, you are creating it and magnetizing it to you.

I was lucid dreaming. I've done this sense I was young, and always found it rewarding.

You think about what you Do want. This is great because you get to play with and crystallize what you want. Lucid dreams are the best types of dreams, hands down.They are rich and immersive and you can guide them into infinite and beautiful worlds of your choosing. Lucid dreaming is the ultimate freedom. 

What defines a lucid dream? 
It's any dream in which, while physically asleep, you also:
* Know that you're dreaming; and/or
* Can control the dream or direct your awareness

Sometimes I control lots of aspects of the dream - like the locations or characters or plot. But my dreaming mind still fills in a lot of details on its own.  Other times I let the dream guide me and show me whatever it wants. I'm still lucid because I can think clearly, acknowledge I'm dreaming, and experience the dream in real-life intensity.

Take some time, nestle in and let your dreamer take center stage!