Monday, July 27, 2015

Gift From the Sea

I always loved the book "Gift From The Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. 
“Solitude say’s the moon shell. Every person, especially every woman, should be alone sometime during the year, some part of each week, and each day. To some woman, such a program seems quite out of reach.” 

This summer make a commitment to put yourself first. Spend time in quiet solitude. Go to the ocean or lake and take the time to reconnect with your true essence.  See what calls to you and take it into your entire being.  Allow the knowingness of your divinity to flow through you as you remember the love you are.  Connect with the peace, harmony and joy- no matter what takes place in the outside world.  In this way you create a centeredness and a grounded-ness and it radiates out to a multitude of others and reflects back to you, just as the waters reflect back the sun’s rays.

Enjoy all of your senses; breath in and smell the freshness of the air and allow yourself to grow and expand.  Touch and feel the softness of the water and let your life flow with ease and grace. Listen to the messages (from God and the angels)  as they lovingly guide you. See the beauty in All things.