Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I've always loved the Fall. The air is crisp beckoning us to walk outside, shushing through the leaves, while enjoying the beauty surrounding us. Autumn is the most colorful season with colors of gold, orange and red creating the fall foliage. Each is a unique expression~and so are we. 

Giving Thanks happily has been marked with a national holiday. This is a wonderful beginning. When we give thanks we draw our attention to everything we appreciate.
When we place our attention on what we are grateful for-what happens? We attract more of what we Do want into our life.

What if we gave thanks on a daily basis? When we concentrate on what we are grateful for on a consistent basis, we create a momentum of good thoughts and feelings. Simply appreciate all of the good things in your life: delicious, nutritious meals, clean water and shelter; being healthy and active; supportive network of family and friends, to name a few. Do not take anything for granted. Thank God as you awaken each morning, for you are alive.

The contrasts in your life assist you in realizing your preferred experiences. Keep a Gratitude journal and watch your life shift in miraculous ways. Each day is filled with new hopes, love, tears, lessons, accomplishments, all stitched together creating a beautiful tapestry of your unique life.

Thank you for for allowing me to be a part of your life. I appreciate your beauty, your curiosity and your sincerity.

In Gratitude,