Friday, March 20, 2015

The Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse and the Super New moon

Typically I don't venture into astrology in my blogs because I feel there are so many gifted people covering these topics, and yet this "event" is calling to me.

This is a very unique occurrence and will not occur again until 2053. Today, March 20, 2015 is the Spring Equinox, Super full moon and Solar eclipse. So you may be wondering, what exactly does all this mean?  This configuration offers an influx of light assisting us in paving a brand new path.
Due to the monumental shifts of energy, frequency and consciousness  humanity is now receptive to higher levels of light than at any previous time. Yes, this is monumental moment as we are in uncharted territory.  As this influx of light enters it creates an acceleration for the purging process assisting us in the letting go of the energies that no longer serves us.  Anything that is not in alignment with love, harmony and peace is being brought to the surface so we can let go of it. Yes, it may appear to be chaotic, and just remember that anything that does not resonate with the highest frequencies are coming up to be cleared away.  All you need to do is Allow the lower vibrational elements of fear, judgment, lack, un-forgiveness and so forth to be released.  One of the ways you can assist in this purging is to call in the violet flame which transmutes the negativity into the light, rather than creating any more chaos. Call upon Saint Germain while invoking the violet flame to assist you in transmuting the lower energies into the higher frequencies of harmony and peace.
It's Freeing and liberating, with lots of shifts and we come to the close of a cycle. Accept the past.  Accept yourself. This is  a time of Acceptance, compassion.. and a time to let go. Work with the Energies of the  deep cosmic realms to purify yourself.

This cleansing brings in the New. The Spring is also the time for new beginnings- a birthing time.
Tap into the next wave from the cosmic energies. Unite your infinite possibilities in the physical realm of earth.  Tap into your eternal self where all  is calm and clear.   Ground yourself and allow this wisdom of cosmic energy to funnel through you.  Center yourself in a calm balanced place. Still your mind and your thoughts. Tap into the highest potential by giving thanks. Be grateful.  You are a Unique being with special gifts. Tap into your own uniqueness and bring it forth. Take this time to connect with your inner awareness and be a  generator of dreams! We all get different dreams.   Affirm, I am going to bring in "this"dream, and it's never been seen before, done before, or experienced before.
Enjoy the creative process!