Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Wave of Light is Accelerating a Quickening

On this particular Spring Equinox we are being Offered a Unique Opportunity!

 "The Great Awakening of 2018."

The time is upon us of a New Dawn. The light streaming through on the Spring Equinox on March 20th, 2018 will provide a catalyst for lasting change. Our solar system is entering a part of the Milky Way galaxy of higher energy, which is infusing Gaia and all of her inhabitants with this light.
This opening will provide a doorway of Light- a metamorphosis in a shift of consciousness. Consciousness is Awareness. The wave of change is affecting your awareness of what is possible. It is offering you abundant, new understandings ~ if you allow it to.
In order to be able to assimilate the vast amount of light this doorway and portal are providing, there are steps you can take to prepare yourself.
Some assembly is required.

* Learn to hold your attention in the present moment. Center yourself. Relax, absorb and embrace the Light.

* Raise your vibrations in order to assimilate the vast amounts of  Light streaming through.
Specifically, let go of negative thoughts and feelings. Practice what it feels like to let go of Resentments. For example, if while driving your car, you are cut off by another-offer blessings and love, rather than feeling anger, fear or frustration. Practice, practice, practice- letting go of un forgiveness and resentments.

* Set a clear intention of wholeness and oneness. See it, feel it, be it.

* Nourish yourself with organic fresh plant based food and pure, clean water. Let go of all addictions-including sugar and salt.  When you are triggered by another become aware of how sugar, offers the diversion of sugarcoating the situation.

* Commune with Nature- allow the elements of nature to nurture you. Ground yourself to the New Earth and anchor in the new light codes and be fully supported.

* Allow the changes to occur, rather than Resisting the changes. Resistance causes tension, anxiety and pain. While Allowing offers a wonderful array of new possibilities.

Success on this pathway requires you to create and hold a clear intention to become fully conscious and know yourself. Everything is occurring in Divine alignment as you awaken to the truth of your existence. You are Love. You are a Powerful Creator. Attune and Allow the Light energies to usher in the New.

Blessings of Love and Light,