Tuesday, August 23, 2016

You Choose


                                                                 You Choose

Above is an image of the Tree of life. This is being shared to remind you Wisdom and Knowledge belongs to All of creation.

As I mentioned in my video, we are in a unique span of time. Astrologically, the Lions gate began on 8/8/16 and culminates on the auspicious 9/9/9-September 9, 2016 (9th, 18th and 27th)(in numerology, the numbers are added up to a single digit, so the year reflects  2+1+6) This window offers you a powerful opportunity as it provides the space of the void. During this time of the void its important to pay particular attention to what your thinking and what your feeling, as the energies are magnified. 

You choose. Do you want to be plugged into the ever increasing noisy external environment that surrounds you? Or would you prefer playing in the quiet, peaceful and happy energies that lie within? You’ve been given free will and you decide what you wish to place your attention on. Remember what you place your attention on expands-so make it uplifting, powerful and enjoyable! Let go of the old outdated limiting beliefs as they won’t work anymore. Allow the new to unfold in miraculous ways.

You are transforming into the new so stay in the now, manifest love and think with your heart.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Which Sandbox do You Chose to Play in?

Ahh, Summer’s here!  It’s the perfect time to ask yourself, "which sandbox do I want to play in"?  There’s the same old familiar sandbox there for you. Yes you know what to expect- more of the same. More of the same patterns. More of the same habits. More of the same games. 

Or, there’s  a magical sandbox that’s waiting just for you. You get to decide what is in it.  As you allow your inner child to come forward, you step into the imaginary realm where dreams really do come true.  There’s just one thing though, you have to believe whatever you dream can come true.  Not to worry, you’ve been doing it all along. Perhaps you weren’t even aware that what you placed your attention on, you created in your life.  Allow any resistance to rise up and be gently swept away by the soft fluid waters.  Now take a good deep cleansing breath, letting the warm air cleanse you as you tap into your higher self expanding your perceptions and horizons. Feel the silkiness of the sand as it sifts through your hands knowing its there to be molded,waiting for your creation to take affect.  Bring in the radiance of the sunshine to illuminate the truth; You are Love and Light.

That’s it, easy does it.