Thursday, August 21, 2014

What does this silly little inchworm have to do with me?

"What does this silly little inch worm have to do with me" you may ask.

Messages from nature occur in the most amazing ways. As I was on my early morning walk, I was called to take this short video of an inchworm.  The messages came pouring through.
The inchworm reminds us of the steady progress we are making as we go about our business every day. And yet if we don't pause and reconnect with the wisdom of our soul we can easily fall adrift. 
Reconnect with the wisdom of your soul and follow your heart as it leads you on your individual Divine path.  Be your own best friend. Regularly give yourself permission to take time by yourself to see how you feel about things,
and which path may be best for you.

The inchworm trusts itself and doesn't feel the need to ask another which way to go. As you begin and follow this practice of self reflection, you will gain a greater sense of self trust. By releasing all worries and doubts, quieting your mind, and turning your attention inward toward your sacred heart, you will be able to discern the choices that are best for you. Simply pay attention to any bodily signals you receive as you feel and think about your options. You may feel a gut reaction, fluttering, tingling, warmth or coolness, or perhaps you’ll have an instant knowing about which path is right for you. As you pay attention and have an awareness your decision-making abilities will grow and increase thereby creating a fulfilling experience. 

Changes occur all around us- that is a constant.  If we can create and maintain a space of solitude and tranquility we are better able to weather any changes and distractions that may come our way.  
It is similar to being in the eye of the storm and maintaining your balance and stability so as to be unaffected by any fluctuations.  

If you turn within to consult the wisdom that lives within you, you will develop a deeper sense of clarity about who you are and what you truly desire. With this new self-knowledge, you are in a much better position to make decisions that honor your true desires.
Making the wisest decision is simply a matter of turning within and consulting your higher self. 
Follow your heart in everything you do.

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When someone passes away we pay our respect by giving them a moment of silence.  The relevance and importance of this is to take the time and pause and to reflect. If we don't pause, how can we possibly reflect?
The same holds true for ourselves.  If we don't take the time to pause and check in with ourselves then we are missing out on some very valuable information. Be curious. Trade certitude for curiosity.
Learn some simple and easy tools to make the transition as you learn to reconnect.  Let go of distractions and find the peace that lies within the wisdom of your soul.
Give yourself permission to take the time to join me as we discuss the important role silence can play in your every day life.  Move out of a space of anxiety and chaos to one of peace and calm.  Stop and give yourself a much needed rest.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Angelic Guidance for August 2014

                                    You tube video August Angelic message-

Please click above link to watch a video message with your Angelic Guidance for this month.

Crystal Clear Intentions -Archangel Michael “Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith” After praying for guidance, be bold enough to admit what you truly desire. Know that you deserve the best of everything!

Relationship Harmony -Archangel Raguel “We angels are opening up the hearts of everyone involved.  Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now”.

Be Strong- Mother Mary “ I pull myself up and do what needs to be done”.  You are stronger than you think you are!  Do not wallow in any feelings of  victimhood or passivity. Use your God given strength now”.