Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Each of us is a Flower

Thank you each for the Divine and Unique gift that you are.  I feel so blessed to know each and everyone of you.  This picture of the bouquet of flowers is a representation of the varied and beautiful gifts that each of you are. Perhaps you are like the pink rose, soft and fragile while also holding the enormity of love that you are.  Or the blue of the hydrangea, with the peaceful essence of clarity and serenity.  The pureness and the innocence of the white Baby's breath.  The joyful, big sunflower as you raise your face to the sun, allowing it's warmth to nourish your soul. The coral-orange, creating and experiencing a life of fulfilled dreams.
Perhaps you resonate with the energy of the Violet lotus expanding and connecting to the deep wisdom which resides within. 

In Truth, we are not the limited individuals and social roles that society tells us we are. We are each like dynamic cosmic flowers unfolding, our actions and movements a creative manifestation of Universal activity.

Each day brings a new gift for us, as we each remember and embrace the gift that we are. Enjoy each day, and allow your colors to shine and emanate out touching all of life. 

Thank you for sharing your beauty and magnificence with me! You are a treasure to behold.

Affirm “I am free to be me!”

PS I found this song, and wanted to include it as it “sang to me”!

Each of Us Is a Flower

Song for Teaching American Sign Language
Charlotte Diamond
This song is available on Charlotte Diamond's Musical Treasures
This song is available on Charlotte Diamond's 24 Carrot Diamond

Each of us is a flower
Growing in life’s garden
Each of us is a flower
We need the sun and rain.

Each of us is a flower
Growing in life’s garden
Each of us is a flower
We need the sun and rain.

Sun, shine your warmth on me
Moon, cool me with your night
Wind, bring the gentle rain
Earth, take my roots down deep.