Tuesday, November 26, 2019

BE the Light 

What all religions have in common is candles. During this holy time of the year, we see candles a blazing everywhere and they are here to remind us, we each carry the light of Source within us.

During these times, sometimes we feel the heaviness and darkness rather than the light. 
It's important in such times to go inward, into the sacred heart where the flame burns brightly, and connect to the Oneness. Be open to the flow and allow yourself to feel whatever feelings you are feeling-whether it be grief, anxiousness, sadness or anger. Now call in the light of love, the light of truth, and allow it to flow with ease and grace.
When the light is brought into the darkness, it lifts and illuminates everything allowing a shift to occur. 

See and feel how this flame is your individual expression of the Divine. Be in awe and wonderment, and with each breath you take, see the light grow and expand. Know and trust yourself as you allow the light from God/Source to guide you in all ways. Be in awe and wonderment, and with each breath you take see the light grow and expand. You are creating a ripple affect by holding the light and shining your light, giving others permission to do the same. 

Some helpful mantras to include: 
" I allow my Divine inner Being to guide me for the greatest good of all." 
" I am a Divine vessel and I allow my light to shine brightly."
I am Love."
" I am Light."

In this way you are a beacon of hope for all to see and experience. Let this holiday season bring you joy, compassion and harmony, as you shed your light as a Divine child of God. 

Wishing you a Blessed season filled with hope, love and peace,