Friday, June 7, 2019

Let your Inner Child Bloom

As the shift of consciousness continues we are bearing witness to the dissolution of the dark and are moving into the light. We are in the midst of strange and odd things occurring in our political system, financial world and in the religious realm. Lack of integrity and greed are starting to crumble. Because Light is winning! Darkness is flailing around in its last breath.

When we are open to the change and don’t fall prey to what the media portrays then a real shift can ensue.  If you believe you are a Devine and sovereign being and have awakened to this realization, real change occurs. You Remember who you truly are and bloom in the light of this truth.

A few questions to ponder..

1. How are you going to move from dark to light?
I’d like to share  a few attributes,a list of helpful insights in moving from the dark into the light. Do you believe it? Do you believe a shift in consciousness is occurring? 
The reason this is primary and is of the utmost importance is that if you don’t believe it..
If your consciousness doesn’t take it in as truth.. your body won’t believe it and you haven’t got a chance. You have to be on board. You have to own it! Do you believe it? For if you don’t believe and know that it all comes down to the realization that you are a divine and sovereign being, then you are unaware of yourself.
As you look around the planet and see what is going on, do you believe the shift is occurring? Is it wishful thinking or do you believe you are part of this grand shift?

Once you know it’s real and you’ve decided clearly for yourself, you can begin.
This time offers you the opportunity to awaken to your inner beauty and wisdom.

2. What habits are you going to carry that keep you in the dark? This is nothing to be ashamed or guilty about. What if you could look at your life from a place of observation, without judgement or blame- what golden tidbits could be gleaned?
Are you a complainer? Perhaps you initiate it -or perhaps you chime in with others. This is merely a habit. It’s a cultural habit.  What are you going to do about it?

Do you have a positive approach-or do you buy into the negativity of others?
Without being contrary or making them wrong, can you believe otherwise? 

What are your next steps?
One of the best questions I ask myself “Am I adding to the light or darkness?”

Feel the sense of joy in a quiet compassionate manner and know you are a light keeper! You are the hope and the light of the planet!