Monday, December 21, 2015

Gather in Love and the Light

                                      Let us gather in the Loving Light filled energies. 

Choose the pathway towards the Light- be only that which is of the Highest Purest Love.

It is YOU who are in control of your thought’s.  It is YOU who make choices as to what you think … how you behave … your attitude towards one another … your attitude towards everything that is within your "game". 

You may feel it depends on the “game” and who’s playing it. Yet it’s about Choices.  Your choice to enjoy your game. Your choice to have fun. Your choice to keep your Life Light.

What you choose to focus your attention on … is the game that will play out for you.

It is that simple.

‘Yet, is it not selfish to not give thought to those in need, you may ask.

I did not say- do not give thought. It is imperative that you send Love to all areas that are of a Vibration of a darker nature … of a lower frequency. Send all your Love in that direction. Yet, do not send sadness due to what is taking place. Do not send disgust. Do not send hate. Do not send despairing thoughts. Send only your Highest Purest Love that you KNOW inside of you. You are to any situation, the Power of that thought; the Power of that Love. This is what changes its frequency to a better one … a soothing one.

Things are not always what they seem. Very often what you see on TV or the web- is far from what is actually taking place behind the scenes. What is being portrayed to you is very different from what  is actually taking place. Therefore, do not fall into the trap. Simply rise above it and send Love. Then, your Vibration cannot be brought down by all that is taking place in your world. Then, are you able to keep your Vibration of its Highest level ~in its Highest form assisting yourself,  your world and indeed The Whole.

This is WHO YOU ARE. You are beyond all these games. The Games that you are playing. It is for you to take back control. Take back and claim your Power that is within you … and has never left.

You are Mighty Beings.

Then you FEEL THE CHANGE within your world … within your Planet … within the Beings who reside upon it.

There is no war to be fought. There is only the Giving and Receiving of Love. That is all. That is all that needs to Be. Let go of thoughts that do not serve.  This action of Giving and Receiving Love  is  far more effective if One Truly knows the greatest deepest effect this has upon the whole.

It is time now to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and through that KNOWING, there comes the allowing of the Power to shine through. The Power of the Love that you are.
Love is what makes your heart smile. Love fills you with the Joy you are.
Trust in yourselves. Trust in one another. 

Visualize holding hands which Each One upon our Planet … joined together as ONE MIGHTY FORCE OF LOVE.  Every single one of you joining hands in Love- and when you visualize this, it assists the hearts of those who are lost.  When you see yourself simply offering your hand in your mind’s eye ... to anyone who seems to not be reacting in/as/through/of love … offer your hand and imagine them taking it … and then squeeze it … to let them know it is alright …You are no longer alone … For my other hand is connected to another soul … and their other hand is connected to another … and their other hand is connected to another … and so on and so on and so on … throughout this world of ours. Say this. Know this within yourselves.  

Breathe in Life … And Breathe out Love … And Breathe in Peace … and Breathe out Love to all … and once more … Breathe in all Love from one another. 
Feel it in your Being. Now send it out to one another.

We are ONE BEING in/as/though/of Love.

Light up your world with one single smile from your heart~ in the KNOWING as you do so … that this is taking place.

In Love, in Joy, in Gratitude, 


Thursday, December 3, 2015

When someone You Love Passes on...

I was deeply touched by this message from Patricia Cota-Robles, and wanted to share it with you.  When someone dear to you passes on, please remember to can talk to them from your heart~and then be open to listen to them as they share their messages with you.

On November 11th, at 11:00 a.m., my youngest brother James Russell Dunlap passed away unexpectedly. He was 64 years old. He had a knee replacement and about 10 days later he started passing a lot of blood. The doctors said it had nothing to do with the knee surgery. They gave him several tests and could not find where the bleeding was coming from. Several specialists examined him at two different hospitals. They gave him four blood transfusions, two colonoscopies, two nuclear blood tests, two upper digestive scopes and could not find the bleed. Eventually the bleeding seemed to stop, so they just said “We are going to call this a diverticulitis bleed.” On Monday, November 9th, they sent him home from the hospital.

Two days later, on November 11th at 11:00 a.m., he said he did not feel well and went to lie down. An hour later he was gone. They are doing an autopsy but we do not have the medical reason for his transition yet.

We all know what an incredibly powerful day November 11, 2015 was. There are myriad multidimensional and multifaceted things taking place at this time that are often confusing and difficult to understand. I would like to share with you what I said at the service we had on November 21st to Celebrate Jimmy’s Life. I AM feeling prompted to do this because I KNOW Jimmy’s message is to all of us and not just to his immediate family.

At the service, Jim’s son Jake spoke, our sister Pam spoke, three of Jim’s friends spoke, and finally I spoke and shared the information that I felt inspired, by Jim, to share with everyone. To simplify this, I am going to just repeat the information as I presented it at Jim’s service.


Jimmy did not consider himself to be religious or spiritual, but he knew more about Love and Loving people than just about anyone I know. Personally, I believe that is the most spiritual thing any of us can do. Jimmy always had our backs, and if there was ever anything we needed he would move Heaven and Earth to help us in any way he could.

When someone like that leaves your life, it feels like there is a huge gaping hole that is impossible to fill. But I would like to share with you something that is very comforting to me and, hopefully, it will be comforting to you as well.

I was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. During that time, I counseled several people who had experienced profound “near death experiences” or NDEs. The information these people shared with me inspired me to research this phenomenon. For years I studied everything I could get my hand on about NDEs. I learned that there are tens of thousands of people who have documented their NDE.

Many of these people were in hospitals where doctors and nurses confirmed that according to our scientific measurements they were determined to be clinically dead. The monitors on their heart and brain had flat lined and there was no heartbeat, no respiration, and no brain wave activity. Most of the NDE experiences were relatively short, usually ten or fifteen minutes long, but for the person involved the experience seemed much, much longer. Some of the other people were gone for 30 minutes, and some for as long as 45 minutes or an hour. One man was even in the morgue with a tag on his toe when he returned. All of these people returned with no sign of brain damage or any of the other things you would expect from someone whose brain had been deprived of oxygen for a long period of time.

The amazing thing about these NDEs is that ALL of the people experience almost the exact same thing regardless of their walk of life. Confirmed atheists who expect that death is the end have the same experience as devoutly religious people. It does not matter what a person’s educational or socioeconomic level is. Nor does the gender, age, race, nationality, culture, or life-style with which a person is associated matter. Most people who go through the NDE feel their reason for returning to Earth is to let all of us know what we, and our Loved Ones, will experience when we leave this physical plane. The Divine Intent of these experiences is to help us eliminate the terrible fear we usually have about death and the devastating loss we feel when our Loved Ones cross over to the other side.

The comforting information all of the people reported after their NDE is that when they went through the process that we call death they did not even lose consciousness. Suddenly, they were just aware of standing outside of their body. They saw their body lying on the bed or the floor or wherever they happened to be. After a moment of confusion, they became aware that their senses were greatly heightened. They could hear people talking around them and they could even hear people talking in other rooms. Soon they realized they were not only hearing people’s spoken words, they were hearing their thoughts as well. They knew then that they were actually able to telepathically hear what people were thinking.

After the initial shock of dying, which lasted just a moment, they all described seeing an exquisitely beautiful and Loving Light. They felt compelled to move toward the Light and as they did they passed through a heavy energy that many of them described as a dark tunnel. This was just the chaotic energy that surrounds the planet from all of the negative things occurring on Earth.

Once they entered the Light they were greeted in a joyous celebration by their Loved Ones who had crossed over before them. They said that regardless of what condition their Loved One’s bodies were in at the time of their passing, in this Higher Dimension they were all vibrantly healthy, extremely happy, and in their prime.

If the person experiencing the NDE had an affinity for a particular religion they often drew to themselves the luminous Presence of the Being of Light associated with that religion. For example, many people experience the Presence of Jesus or Buddha or one of the other Beings of Light associated with the various world religions.

The most profound thing people who have experienced NDEs want us to know is that the Heavenly Realm where our Loved Ones go is not off in some far distant place. It is just a much Higher Dimension that surrounds us. This Dimension is vibrating with a frequency of Light that transcends the heavy negativity on the physical plane, but the people in this Dimension are totally aware of their Loved Ones on Earth and what is happening here.

All we have to do is think about our Loved Ones who have crossed over to the other side and we instantly get their attention. They respond to us on the return current of energy, and they instantly support us with their Light and Love in any way they can. Unfortunately, most people do not believe that their Loved Ones can hear them, so they block the awareness of their communication or of their tangible Presence. Some of the people who have experienced NDEs said that in moments when their Loved Ones on Earth were in their deepest expression of grief, they were actually sitting with them holding them in their arms, but their Loved Ones did not comprehend that was even possible so they did not sense their Presence.

In order to become aware of our Loved Ones once they have crossed over to the other side, we do not have to become psychic or go through a monumental transformation to communicate with them. In Truth, this block within our consciousness will be removed with just a slight adjustment in our awareness.

All we have to do is accept the possibility that we can still communicate with them even though they are in a Higher Dimension. If we will just say to ourselves, “What if it is true? What if I can communicate telepathically with my Loved One on the other side?” And then, we simply make the decision to accept this communication as a possibility. We can easily do so by saying, “I AM going to accept this as a real possibility. I AM going to talk to my Loved One and I AM going to open my heart and mind knowing that he or she is responding to me now.” Then pay attention, and you will begin to intuitively sense your Loved One’s Presence and you will begin to see outer-world signs that they are letting you know they are with you in various ways.


On this very special day when we are gathered together to Celebrate Jimmy’s Life, I assure you he is with us. He is flooding each of us with his Love, and he is expressing his deep Gratitude for having all of us in his life.

One of the hardest things about someone leaving as unexpectedly as Jimmy did is that we feel there are things we wanted to say to him, but now we think it is too late. The wonderful thing we are learning from people who have been through NDEs is that is absolutely NOT TRUE. So let’s just take a moment and from the deepest recesses of our hearts let’s say to Jimmy anything we want to say to him on this very special day.

Please breathe in deeply and go within to the Divinity of your heart. If you feel comfortable doing so, gently close your eyes. In your mind’s eye see that beautiful big man standing before you with his wonderful smile. Now from the silence of your heart, tell him exactly what you want him to know at this time. I promise you, he will hear every single word.   (Pause)

Now gently return your consciousness to the room and KNOW that communicating with Jimmy or any of your Loved Ones on the other side is just this easy.

As we complete this part of our Celebration of Jimmy’s Life, I would like to share with you a very special song.


A couple days after Jimmy passed away I was driving in the car and I was thinking of him. I was crying and I was telling him how much I Love him and how much we are all going to miss him. As soon as I said that the following song came on the radio. It is an old country song that I am familiar with, but I have not heard it on the radio for probably five or six years.

As soon as the song started playing, I knew it was a message from Jimmy that he wanted me to share with the Love of his life, Nancy, who is his wife of 42 years. I shared this song with Nancy, but Jimmy also wanted me to share this message with all of you. He wants to remind us to Love each other and for us to tell the people in our lives how much we Love them. So open your heart and mind and listen carefully to the words of this precious message that Jimmy wants you to have on this special day.

by Garth Brooks

Sometimes late at night
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She’s lost in peaceful dreams
So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark
And the thought crosses my mind
If I never wake up in the morning
Would she ever doubt the way I feel
About her in my heart


If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she’s my only one
And if my time on Earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the Love I gave her in the past
Gonna to be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

‘Cause I’ve lost Loved Ones in my life
Who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret
That my true feelings for them never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself
To say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance
Where there’s no second chance to tell her how I feel

Repeat Chorus

So tell that someone that you Love
Just what you’re thinking of
If tomorrow never comes

Magic, Miracles and Your Imagination

                                       MAGIC, MIRACLES and YOUR IMAGINATION

As a child did you have unseen friends? Did you talk to God, the angels and ascended masters? Did you see elves and fairies? This wasn't fantasy or make-believe; rather it was the openness and innocence of a child connecting into the other realms only to be lost a few years later under the pressure of trying to be "normal." You knew they were real, and that they were there for you.

It wasn't make believe.  You had this knowingness, and then you closed it off as you grew up.  This Holiday Season would you like to open up about the knowingness you had as a child, why you closed it off, and how to open it again. Even though there may be fear about opening up, once you open to the other realms you realize you're not stuck in this realm. You understand that there is magic, that you weren't crazy. The other realms are where you meet the angelic beings, the fairy beings, your own being, your past and your potential futures. You can meet yourself in these other realms. It's all possible, when you believe. Re-experience lost or forgotten memories from the  magical days of your childhood.  It is as simple as having the intention. Allow yourself to make this connection. This space of imagination and unlimited possibilities offers you answers, insights and feelings of love and support.  Open up to the Heavenly realm and request the Angels to be with you, and allow the magic and miracles to avail themselves to you and bless you with the gifts of peace, love and joy this holiday season.

This season give yourself the gift of re-awakening to the magic and energy of the higher realms and dimensions.  You will begin to remember the angelic guides and friends, nature divas, air wisps and shadow beings that you used to play with.  As you offer yourself this experience you realize it's much more than childhood magic-it's about remembering.  

Love, Light and Stardust,