Wednesday, February 27, 2019

March On!

Happy Spring!

"What is my identity
Outside my social role?
It's not what people think or say,
But my connection to my Soul." ~ Kaypacha 

As you'll hear in my Heavenly Guidance this month, the Holy Spirit directs us to get in touch with our hearts innermost desires- whether it's a new project, following a new path, or simply to live a more harmonious life. This Spring Equinox is on March 20th, and offers us a wonderful platform to support us as we give birth to our dearest desires.

In order to do so, we will want to move out of the mindset of being concerned about what others may think of us. Kaypacha so beautifully stated it in the quote above, when he shared the true importance comes from our connection to Source and our Soul. Rather than seeking the answers outside ourselves its best to look within and gain the wisdom from our soul. No one else knows what is best for you. Although they might be well-intentioned, learn to listen to the small quiet voice within. It will never steer you wrong because it only wants what is for your highest good.

The challenge is we've been brought up to look to outside sources for our guidance. We don't trust ourselves because we haven't practiced the art of looking within, and frankly we don't feel comfortable with it. As with anything, practice makes perfect. It all begins with you making a conscious decision to create a new pathway for yourself.

Enjoy taking time to go within and explore your many options. There's a treasure chest waiting for you~
if only you stop, ask, listen, allow and give gratitude. Unlimited possibilities are awaiting you.



Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day

During this month of February, we are being reminded love is at the very core and essence of everything. Sometimes we have forgotten this all important message. We get caught up in all of the distractions life brings us. 

If we can take time for ourselves on a daily basis to be quiet and go within, we will remember the love we are. We see from a compassionate heart, hear without judgements, feel grateful knowing all is perfect alignment and have a fulfilling life.

Granted this can be challenging, especially when we are so invested in the mind and the all consuming thoughts, some conscious and some unconscious. Duality carries friction, anxiety and stress. When we drop from the noise in the rational mind and center ourself in the wisdom of our heart, we can experience life from a space of love rather than fear. Fear feels tight, restrictive and scary. 

When life is lived from the heart, it feels warm,comforting and inviting. We are balanced and experience life from this neutral unified space-this oneness of the zero point where everything is possible! Take the time to cultivate this inherent love and watch it blossom and grow in unexpected and miraculous ways.

From my heart to yours, I am gifting you with this complimentary recording from my online class on “Self-love and how to be your own best friend”. MP3 Download Click Here. Simply email “Gift” and youI will receive the complimentary class.

Remember you are compassionate, divine light and love. You are one with all that is, and all is well in all of life.

Love, Light and Unity,