Friday, April 2, 2021

Awaken to the Opportunities


The awaking of our I Am Presence is creating a grand shift of consciousness.

Now is our time to assist the masses of humanity by taking the next step ~ to be more receptive to our inner guidance during this life transforming change and awaken to our divine consciousness.  

We are being given the unprecedented opportunity to awaken to an enlightened state of consciousness.

Just as the daffodil shines her golden light, we are being asked to hold the light. Be the light. Radiate love, peace and joy. Remember your divinity and appreciate All that is here to serve you. 

Let's join together in stabilizing the light by being grounded, balanced and harmonious.  Breathe in and experience the fresh new opportunities Spring has to offer you. Appreciate the rain as it nurtures, sustains and supports you. Feel the warmth of the sun as it radiates and enlightens you.  

Make the connection with Mother Nature and receive with an open heart, the multitude of gifts and opportunities to delight and inspire you,. Sit quietly in the stillness and drink in the awe, beauty and majesty that surrounds you. Enjoy the magnificence of your divinity as it mirrored back to you in every shade, shape, color and sound. Welcome Home.  



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