Friday, July 10, 2020

You are a Sovereign Being

Honor Your Own Process

We are in the gateway to a cosmic awakening. A dismantling is occurring of the old outdated structures and programs, within our government, politics, economic and social arenas collapsing the old, so the new can take birth. The distortions are being amplified, revealed and released...over and over again in 2020. 

The awakening is occurring whether we are ready or not. During this time of transparency, we are becoming aware of our own individual distortions. We may see how we've individually played a part in the distortions we are experiencing, and that's divinely orchestrated, as it's from this awareness that we can alter and shift our perspectives. With self-compassion and forgiveness we can release the anomalies that have tethered us down in judgement and guilt. Our ego has wanted to save face by not admitting when we have been out of alignment with our truth. All of our misalignments are being revealed to be released. This clearing opens us up to the higher dimensional timelines.

I am available and can assist you to let go and release anomaly's and express yourself in a sacred and nurturing environment. Please see the new class below titled "The Sanctuary," where I provide a templet so you can move through this shift with grace and ease. You can experience this shift in a balanced, neutral place of observation, similar to being in the eye of the storm and not being affected by the noise and chaos.
Ride the higher timeline during this chaotic time. Allow the light in, and allow others to experience the change however they choose. You are a sovereign being and it is time to go within to honor your unique divinity. Honor your own process! 

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Home is where the Heart is

Creating a Home Sanctuary

As we are all spending more time in our homes, we are reminded "Home is where the heart is." It is a wonderful time to get our space into shape by incorporating our sacred articles to accommodate our needs, and create a peaceful, lovely place for us to dwell, reconnect and flourish.

Creating quiet time for reflection, prayer and contemplation is of the utmost importance. You can create a special space within your home for this time of reflection. Maintain a level of consistency and plan on a meditation practice whenever you feel it's best, perhaps first thing in the morning and/or before you retire to bed.

Journaling is a wonderful way to create awareness. You become aware of times when you have moved out of alignment with your distorted thoughts and feelings, and you can make adjustments moving forward with clarity and confidence. Remember to do this from a place of unconditional non-judgmental love. When you sit in silence in your sacred space, you will make the connection and have "aha moments" on how best to negotiate and create your life.

Following are some helpful tips in creating a serene environment for you to live and experience your best life.

1.Before you arise out of bed, set your attention on your intention for the day. For example, if you want to experience yourself in well-being, take at least 17 seconds to feel into that space of well-being. Visit this space of well-being often throughout your day to bring yourself into a centered balanced state.

Make your bed every day, the moment you get out of the bed, as this sets the stage for the rest of the day. Create a comfortable place to pray and or meditate. Be prepared with your journal and pen to jot down your innermost thoughts and feelings.

2. Allow natural light in. Natural light, especially in the morning, sets your internal clock in motion. Open your curtains, use roll-up shades or half curtains.

3. Now is the perfect time to de-clutter! A lot of people who feel stressed out in their homes without quite understanding why begin to feel more at ease once their environment is pared down. When you organize things, you discover what’s meaningful and necessary, that happens on visual and psychological levels. You only see things of great value, and there is no visual noise. Your mind eases because you know that you have done some good work to keep all of your stuff and papers manageable. You are only allowing space in your sanctuary for what is important.

4. Bring some nature inside by taking your cue from the season and the surrounding landscape. Work with the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. Allow color into your life to lift and expand your spirits, by incorporating your favorite shades and hues.
  • Get some inexpensive plants and create a calming ritual of watering them.
  • Accessorize with some crystals, smooth stones, wood branches or seashells.
  • Bring home fresh flowers.
  • Display a photo or painting of a nature scene.

5. Utilize scent in your home. Oil diffuser sticks are wonderful, as they work and last for upwards of six months.

6. Use light with dimmer switches, or change some light bulbs to pink (pink is probably best in your bedroom) rather than turning on that full blast fluorescent overhead light. This gives you more control over your lighting mood, setting the best situation for you to relax. You can also use candles. 

7. Music sets the tone for you to experience yourself. Sound and music is one of the gifts of living. Music can be therapeutic and calm you down or give you a mood boost if you need it. Everyone likes it, and everyone has some. Why not turn off the news programs that send negative information into your home now and then, and curate your own relaxed or happy mood with your own choice in music?

These are some of the ways to create a sanctuary in your home, which will help you to relax, reconnect and remember who you are! Repeat often, " I am lLove. I am Light."


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Insular Tahiti

Insular Tahiti

Sometimes it's nice to get away from our every day schedules and patterns to visit different locations, enjoy unique scenery and meet people with alternative backgrounds. It can refresh our very soul. As we visit sacred places such as Sedona, Egypt, Hawaii, Stonehenge or South Africa, it may bring you back to a sense of peace and harmony.

I've also become aware as lovely as those vacations have been, in a moment I can bring myself back into the essence of that insular Tahiti. The insular Tahiti represents that place within each of us, where we find that connection with Source.

How can you find that inner sanctuary in your busy daily life? When your consumed with paying the bills, fixing that leaky faucet and taking care of the family, it can seem challenging, to say the very least.

When you are feeling stuck, stressed or alone it is time to allow the "space in between" to show you how to re-balance yourself. In the simplicity of your breath lies the answer. You may have heard me say "Its as simple as your breath". When you connect with your breath you bring yourself into the present moment, and in the present moment you are connected with Source. When you have this awareness you can bring yourself back into that insular Tahiti - full of peace and joy. It is a choice. You can choose to continue to feel scattered of you can choose to feel centered.

Enjoy your vacations and your time of respite. Allow yourself to connect with the experiences and bring the passionate feelings back into your inner sanctuary. Spend time there daily as this will reconnect you with your divine passionate self.

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Live, Love and Laugh,

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens

Perfect Vision

We've been told that 20-20 vision is perfect - and for the year 2020 let's expand and look at this. It's really about how we view the world.

You can open your eyes and see all these problems and get really confused. There are so many games going on, and its easy to get drawn in. Unless you ask yourself, " Where do I choose to place my attention?" you simply continue to do the same thing out of habit.
If you can shift your gaze from the outside dramas inward to the harmony and peace that resides within your heart, thats where the magic resides. From the silence and the void you are better able to connect to the wisdom of your soul.

This is a wonderful time to connect with your heart and raise your sights on what you'd like to create. Ask your Higher Self and Angels for guidance in order to ground your ideas into reality. Allow the wisdom to flow in a beautiful, light-filled way.

Once you have decided to follow your passion- Make a declaration!
Let it be something that excites you.
Let your heart light up and take action accordingly.
Rather than getting caught up in trivial circumstances and needless distractions, make a declaration to follow your passion.
Let it come in varied, beautiful, and light-filled ways.
Look at things in a new way and ground it in a way that adds to the light.
See opportunities to set your passions into motion and take them.

The energies are supportive as you ground the light and follow your passion. Allow the energies of 2020 to create a cosmic reset for you to experience love in a myriad of ways. The doors are wide open to make a huge difference.

Enjoy the ride!



The Slower You Go, The Quicker You’ll Get There.

February 2020
Be Love

The Slower You Go, The Quicker You’ll Get There.

When we are in a state of gratitude we open ourselves up the unlimited possibilities. So often, we put pressure on ourselves and demand things to be accomplished on our timeline. If we can see things from an energetic frequency, we understand the key role we play by maintaining our vibrational alignment. When we place pressure on ourselves, we actually constrict the flow from Source.

Can you let go of the need to push and pull your way through life? Rushing and forcing only creates resistance and tension. Allowing opens you up to the multitude of opportunities. Take a breadth and relax. You can’t do this wrong.Create from this expansive, easy space.

You are a creator. Rather than looking at things as they appear, let’s tap into our imagination. All great inventions began with the imagination. Play with expansive, uplifting qualities and experience how it feels to be balanced in wellbeing. Accept and acknowledge where you are with an awareness that in every now moment you are creating your next present moment. Easy does it. All of creation is done in the present moment. Connect with high vibrational frequencies of joy, peace, self acceptance and unconditional love. Enjoy the experience as it unfolds with ease and grace.