Thursday, February 13, 2020

Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens

Perfect Vision

We've been told that 20-20 vision is perfect - and for the year 2020 let's expand and look at this. It's really about how we view the world.

You can open your eyes and see all these problems and get really confused. There are so many games going on, and its easy to get drawn in. Unless you ask yourself, " Where do I choose to place my attention?" you simply continue to do the same thing out of habit.
If you can shift your gaze from the outside dramas inward to the harmony and peace that resides within your heart, thats where the magic resides. From the silence and the void you are better able to connect to the wisdom of your soul.

This is a wonderful time to connect with your heart and raise your sights on what you'd like to create. Ask your Higher Self and Angels for guidance in order to ground your ideas into reality. Allow the wisdom to flow in a beautiful, light-filled way.

Once you have decided to follow your passion- Make a declaration!
Let it be something that excites you.
Let your heart light up and take action accordingly.
Rather than getting caught up in trivial circumstances and needless distractions, make a declaration to follow your passion.
Let it come in varied, beautiful, and light-filled ways.
Look at things in a new way and ground it in a way that adds to the light.
See opportunities to set your passions into motion and take them.

The energies are supportive as you ground the light and follow your passion. Allow the energies of 2020 to create a cosmic reset for you to experience love in a myriad of ways. The doors are wide open to make a huge difference.

Enjoy the ride!



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