Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Slower You Go, The Quicker You’ll Get There.

February 2020
Be Love

The Slower You Go, The Quicker You’ll Get There.

When we are in a state of gratitude we open ourselves up the unlimited possibilities. So often, we put pressure on ourselves and demand things to be accomplished on our timeline. If we can see things from an energetic frequency, we understand the key role we play by maintaining our vibrational alignment. When we place pressure on ourselves, we actually constrict the flow from Source.

Can you let go of the need to push and pull your way through life? Rushing and forcing only creates resistance and tension. Allowing opens you up to the multitude of opportunities. Take a breadth and relax. You can’t do this wrong.Create from this expansive, easy space.

You are a creator. Rather than looking at things as they appear, let’s tap into our imagination. All great inventions began with the imagination. Play with expansive, uplifting qualities and experience how it feels to be balanced in wellbeing. Accept and acknowledge where you are with an awareness that in every now moment you are creating your next present moment. Easy does it. All of creation is done in the present moment. Connect with high vibrational frequencies of joy, peace, self acceptance and unconditional love. Enjoy the experience as it unfolds with ease and grace.


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