Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Insular Tahiti

Insular Tahiti

Sometimes it's nice to get away from our every day schedules and patterns to visit different locations, enjoy unique scenery and meet people with alternative backgrounds. It can refresh our very soul. As we visit sacred places such as Sedona, Egypt, Hawaii, Stonehenge or South Africa, it may bring you back to a sense of peace and harmony.

I've also become aware as lovely as those vacations have been, in a moment I can bring myself back into the essence of that insular Tahiti. The insular Tahiti represents that place within each of us, where we find that connection with Source.

How can you find that inner sanctuary in your busy daily life? When your consumed with paying the bills, fixing that leaky faucet and taking care of the family, it can seem challenging, to say the very least.

When you are feeling stuck, stressed or alone it is time to allow the "space in between" to show you how to re-balance yourself. In the simplicity of your breath lies the answer. You may have heard me say "Its as simple as your breath". When you connect with your breath you bring yourself into the present moment, and in the present moment you are connected with Source. When you have this awareness you can bring yourself back into that insular Tahiti - full of peace and joy. It is a choice. You can choose to continue to feel scattered of you can choose to feel centered.

Enjoy your vacations and your time of respite. Allow yourself to connect with the experiences and bring the passionate feelings back into your inner sanctuary. Spend time there daily as this will reconnect you with your divine passionate self.

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Live, Love and Laugh,

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