Friday, July 10, 2020

You are a Sovereign Being

Honor Your Own Process

We are in the gateway to a cosmic awakening. A dismantling is occurring of the old outdated structures and programs, within our government, politics, economic and social arenas collapsing the old, so the new can take birth. The distortions are being amplified, revealed and released...over and over again in 2020. 

The awakening is occurring whether we are ready or not. During this time of transparency, we are becoming aware of our own individual distortions. We may see how we've individually played a part in the distortions we are experiencing, and that's divinely orchestrated, as it's from this awareness that we can alter and shift our perspectives. With self-compassion and forgiveness we can release the anomalies that have tethered us down in judgement and guilt. Our ego has wanted to save face by not admitting when we have been out of alignment with our truth. All of our misalignments are being revealed to be released. This clearing opens us up to the higher dimensional timelines.

I am available and can assist you to let go and release anomaly's and express yourself in a sacred and nurturing environment. Please see the new class below titled "The Sanctuary," where I provide a templet so you can move through this shift with grace and ease. You can experience this shift in a balanced, neutral place of observation, similar to being in the eye of the storm and not being affected by the noise and chaos.
Ride the higher timeline during this chaotic time. Allow the light in, and allow others to experience the change however they choose. You are a sovereign being and it is time to go within to honor your unique divinity. Honor your own process! 

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