Thursday, April 24, 2014

         Create Your Sanctuary

Peace is something that is often lacking in our homes due to a number of physical, spiritual, and emotional influences.  Everything is Energy. Our home is a reflection of who we are.  What does your home say about you? I ask this not to bring you to a place of judgment, rather to bring about an awareness. Once you have an awareness of how your home feels, you can than make adjustments. 

Spring is a perfect time to breath some fresh air into your space.  

There are simple steps that can be taken to create a centered, peaceful environment in your home. 

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

*Clean and Declutter~Keeping a clean and decluttered home is one of the ways I promote a more peaceful atmosphere. Lowering my stress level in this way allows me to have a better attitude, which in turn allows others in my home to be more content as well.

*Clear the calendar ~Most of us are much too busy. A overly-full, hectic schedule add a lot of stress to everyone in the family. Learning to prioritize our time can ease
Don't you feel better already?  It's about ease of living.  We come home to recharge our batteries; to reconnect with ourselves and with our loved ones.

* Plan and Prepare ~ Whether it’s meal planning, or choosing what to wear the next day, planning ahead and preparing will assist you in remaining in  a centered peaceful state of mind.  This benefits you, and your entire household.

* Meditate and Pray ~ Prayer is you talking to God and the Angels. Meditation is the quiet space that offers you ability to stop and listen to God and the Angels for your messages.

If you are interested In a consultation I will guide you with a specific plan, how to follow through and get started living...with less! 

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