Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Divine Guidance for April


Archangel Raphael
“Unconditional Joy”

This serves as a reminder that it’s possible to experience joy no matter what’s happening in life.  Too often, we put conditions on our happiness, saying “I’ll be happy when (fill in the blank).” 
 However, maintaining a lighthearted cheerful mind-set can be a potent health prescription for increased vitality and strength.  

Archangel Raphael can help you find something joyful about by focusing upon the things you’re grateful for.  As you allow yourself to be happy today, you attract more circumstances that will 
enhance your sense of well-being even more.  It’s a health cycle, beginning with your present happiness.  

* Notice three things that make you feel happy.
* Make a “Gratitude List”.
* Keep your thoughts focused on the here-and- now.
* Hold the intention of enjoying each moment to its fullest.
*  Envision the decision with a happy outcome

Fairies Message
“Raise your Standards”

Don’t settle for less than your dreams.  Once you make the commitment to manifest an improved situation, the Universe will find a way to deliver it to you.  
Deep down, you know what type of life you’re meant to live.  By drawing this card, you’re being reminded that you deserve, and can manifest, any situation you wish.  
The fairies ask you to stop making negative affirmations based on scarcity thinking,  such as, I can’t afford this” or I could never accomplish that.”  Instead, they ask you to raise
your standards to the level that all children of God deserve. 

Write down a list  of you’re heart’s true desires, and review this list daily with a feeling of faith and gratitude-emotions that convert your wishes into reality.
Then, make a spiritual commitment to expect the best for yourself.  This commitment is your "sales order’ that creates miracles in your life. As your dreams start to come true
be sure to graciously accept “good” into your life.  Know that you deserve life's richest rewards!

Affirm “ I deserve end expect the best in life.  I hold high standards for my self”

Voices of Flowers
Chamomile- Primary quality Serenity

Come by with my cheerful nature and lightheartedness.  I am here to help you feel brightness and joy, sharing your happiness with others. 
I give you comfort and remind you to slow down, relax, and be aware of the pleasant things of life that you enjoy.  Take time to appreciate yourself and to find ways to relieve stress and tension.  
My tranquil disposition offers you a serene way of living, giving you emotional balance and emotional stability.

*Take time to sit, relax and center yourself.  You are being given the opportunity to evaluate your lifestyle and to change anything that brings you stress or tension.  See it in a new light- a centered, balanced place that uplifts you.
Enjoy a nice cup of Chamomile tea, or take a relaxing bath with the flower essence.

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