Sunday, April 6, 2014

Going with the Flow


There is something incredible building, can you feel it?  The pot is being stirred up and we are in the midst of transformational change.  There is an unraveling taking place. It deals with power, control, judgment and resistance. 

The shifting is taking place.  The external world is about to go through a significant reconfiguration. We will be watching a power struggle take place.  The shift is movement away from structures of power and control. This is taking place in the external world, as well as in our individual internal world.

"Be in this world, not of this world."  When we look at things from an internal place of well-being, alignment, balance, stability, and creativity- then things will flow.  On the other hand when we view things from an external place, the space of being reactive - we are in fear, we worry about survival, are apprehensive and hold a defensive and resistant mode.

The tone is being set encouraging us to awaken to our True Nature through shake, rattling and rolling all that we’re still clinging to with any illusions of safety, security and control ~ personally and collectively.

Things will be evolving. We can pave the way to make it smoother.  How?  Allow the changes to occur by Being in a place of receptivity.  We can not take our baggage with us.. Lack, fear, I’m not good enough-... it’s all a broken structure. It is now time to be released. Allow this process to occur. Look up, not down. Find the new world unfolding.  By letting go of all that no longer serves you, you allow yourself to move with grace and ease. No need to play from a place of control and dominance.  Be in a place of well-being and ease.

Pay attention- have an awareness by observing. Notice the events unfold. The banking system and geopolitical systems are shifting. The broken structures are simply being released to make way for a massive shift.  Find the alignment within your heart to guide the way in graciousness.  A new world is unfolding.  Pay attention to the transformation.  Individually you are shifting too.
Pat attention; notice where you judge, notice where you react, where you push, where you dominate.  It’s in noticing these small moments that we become aware. and in this awareness chose to move with compassion and ease.  Play with your life experience in a light-hearted manner, rather than feeling like a victim.  Be kind to yourself.



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