Thursday, December 3, 2015

Magic, Miracles and Your Imagination

                                       MAGIC, MIRACLES and YOUR IMAGINATION

As a child did you have unseen friends? Did you talk to God, the angels and ascended masters? Did you see elves and fairies? This wasn't fantasy or make-believe; rather it was the openness and innocence of a child connecting into the other realms only to be lost a few years later under the pressure of trying to be "normal." You knew they were real, and that they were there for you.

It wasn't make believe.  You had this knowingness, and then you closed it off as you grew up.  This Holiday Season would you like to open up about the knowingness you had as a child, why you closed it off, and how to open it again. Even though there may be fear about opening up, once you open to the other realms you realize you're not stuck in this realm. You understand that there is magic, that you weren't crazy. The other realms are where you meet the angelic beings, the fairy beings, your own being, your past and your potential futures. You can meet yourself in these other realms. It's all possible, when you believe. Re-experience lost or forgotten memories from the  magical days of your childhood.  It is as simple as having the intention. Allow yourself to make this connection. This space of imagination and unlimited possibilities offers you answers, insights and feelings of love and support.  Open up to the Heavenly realm and request the Angels to be with you, and allow the magic and miracles to avail themselves to you and bless you with the gifts of peace, love and joy this holiday season.

This season give yourself the gift of re-awakening to the magic and energy of the higher realms and dimensions.  You will begin to remember the angelic guides and friends, nature divas, air wisps and shadow beings that you used to play with.  As you offer yourself this experience you realize it's much more than childhood magic-it's about remembering.  

Love, Light and Stardust,

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