Monday, December 21, 2015

Gather in Love and the Light

                                      Let us gather in the Loving Light filled energies. 

Choose the pathway towards the Light- be only that which is of the Highest Purest Love.

It is YOU who are in control of your thought’s.  It is YOU who make choices as to what you think … how you behave … your attitude towards one another … your attitude towards everything that is within your "game". 

You may feel it depends on the “game” and who’s playing it. Yet it’s about Choices.  Your choice to enjoy your game. Your choice to have fun. Your choice to keep your Life Light.

What you choose to focus your attention on … is the game that will play out for you.

It is that simple.

‘Yet, is it not selfish to not give thought to those in need, you may ask.

I did not say- do not give thought. It is imperative that you send Love to all areas that are of a Vibration of a darker nature … of a lower frequency. Send all your Love in that direction. Yet, do not send sadness due to what is taking place. Do not send disgust. Do not send hate. Do not send despairing thoughts. Send only your Highest Purest Love that you KNOW inside of you. You are to any situation, the Power of that thought; the Power of that Love. This is what changes its frequency to a better one … a soothing one.

Things are not always what they seem. Very often what you see on TV or the web- is far from what is actually taking place behind the scenes. What is being portrayed to you is very different from what  is actually taking place. Therefore, do not fall into the trap. Simply rise above it and send Love. Then, your Vibration cannot be brought down by all that is taking place in your world. Then, are you able to keep your Vibration of its Highest level ~in its Highest form assisting yourself,  your world and indeed The Whole.

This is WHO YOU ARE. You are beyond all these games. The Games that you are playing. It is for you to take back control. Take back and claim your Power that is within you … and has never left.

You are Mighty Beings.

Then you FEEL THE CHANGE within your world … within your Planet … within the Beings who reside upon it.

There is no war to be fought. There is only the Giving and Receiving of Love. That is all. That is all that needs to Be. Let go of thoughts that do not serve.  This action of Giving and Receiving Love  is  far more effective if One Truly knows the greatest deepest effect this has upon the whole.

It is time now to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and through that KNOWING, there comes the allowing of the Power to shine through. The Power of the Love that you are.
Love is what makes your heart smile. Love fills you with the Joy you are.
Trust in yourselves. Trust in one another. 

Visualize holding hands which Each One upon our Planet … joined together as ONE MIGHTY FORCE OF LOVE.  Every single one of you joining hands in Love- and when you visualize this, it assists the hearts of those who are lost.  When you see yourself simply offering your hand in your mind’s eye ... to anyone who seems to not be reacting in/as/through/of love … offer your hand and imagine them taking it … and then squeeze it … to let them know it is alright …You are no longer alone … For my other hand is connected to another soul … and their other hand is connected to another … and their other hand is connected to another … and so on and so on and so on … throughout this world of ours. Say this. Know this within yourselves.  

Breathe in Life … And Breathe out Love … And Breathe in Peace … and Breathe out Love to all … and once more … Breathe in all Love from one another. 
Feel it in your Being. Now send it out to one another.

We are ONE BEING in/as/though/of Love.

Light up your world with one single smile from your heart~ in the KNOWING as you do so … that this is taking place.

In Love, in Joy, in Gratitude, 


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