Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Message

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Self Respect~pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.
This picture from Dr. Emoto represents the energy of Respect. It is important that we treat water with respect.  Remember our body is made up of 70% water,  
and there is little doubt that the information in the water goes a long way in the formation of our health as well as out attitude toward the world and the 

attitude of the world towards us. 

Archangel Gabriel ~Nurture Yourself

Find the time to do nice things for yourself. Listen to uplifting music, treat yourself to a yummy dessert from time to time, take long walks in nature, celebrate every little victory you have made as you take the next steps on your journey.  There is much beauty around and within you-notice it and watch it expand with a feeling of sublime joy, appreciation and gratitude within your hearts.  As you have this awareness the gifts of love are anchored within yourself as well as with mother nature.  

                                                     Archangel Raphael ~ Healthful Eating

Eat more fresh and organic produce and drink more water.  Avoid processed or chemical-laden foods and beverages.  
You will have an increased level of energy, which will effectively allow you to spend more productive hours devoted  to your dreams and desires.

Mary Magdalene ~ Forgiveness

Let go of resentments, judgments and anger.  You don’t necessarily have to pardon the action involved,
however you may wan to release the the toxins of anger toward yourself or another. Unforgiveness only hurts you, not the person you may be upset with.  Forgiveness is a refreshing and healing experience. This gives you energy, stamina and high self-esteem, and it frees you to be yourself.

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