Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are you a Giraffe or a Turtle?


                                                      Are you a Giraffe or a Turtle?

We live in a world with many different viewpoints.  Turtles and Giraffes for instance, may live in the same geographic location.  Although they occupy the same space-does not mean they have the same view point.  The giraffe eats from the top of the trees, while the turtle moves along the earth and eats the grass.  They each eat at the level of their vision. When you are a giraffe and you are criticized by the turtle,  just remember the turtle is reporting the view from the level their on.  
You see, if the giraffe ate the grass from the ground  since his neck is so long he would be cutting off the oxygen and thereby cutting off his very existence.  

There is no need to be in a space of judgment. Rather by being in a place of compassionate observation we can have an awareness without moving to another's viewpoint.   When we pay attention to our instincts as the animals do, we live a life that moves with ease and grace.  If you remember the elephants were the ones who broke free from their constraints to move to the safety of higher grounds during the typhoon some years back.

Will you give yourself permission to follow your own heart and to do what Feels best for you?  God gave us this wonderful gift-the gift of living your life based on your individual instincts.  The instincts has a rhythm similar to the beat of your heart. When you are in sync with your innate rhythms everything flows. 

There are many paths to take, go into the quiet space and reconnect with your Divinity to see what is best for you.  Your guidance is always direct, concise and loving. Enjoy the view of Oneness, harmony and Joy!   

Please check out this short link from Oprah as she interviews Bishop T.P. Jakes about the giraffe and turtle....


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