Friday, February 28, 2014

The Splendor of it All


Haleakala Summit "The House of the Rising Sun"


Map of Maui

I was just in Maui and Hawaii with my husband Bruce celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. I had a keen awareness of the Creator orchestrating a splendid symphony of all of the elements in the birthing of a new day, as the sun broke over the Haleakala Summit otherwise known as the “house of the Rising Sun”.  The beauty and the exquisite majesty was at play as the elements created a beautiful, colorful tapestry for our enjoyment. The warmth of the sun (yes I was wearing a winter jacket!) brought a vibrancy and a radiance, as it shined upon the water creating millions of diamonds dancing upon the ocean waters. The bright blue sea was teaming with life, as the dolphins played, turtles swam, and the wales gave birth in the safe tempered waters.   The air was fresh and clean, and we felt the effortless expansiveness with each inhalation and exhalation.  The mother earth was cradling us in her loving embrace, nurturing, grounding and balancing us.  

If you’ll notice in the second picture- Maui is in the shape of a woman, and the Haleakala Summit is the heart.  The elements of air, water, fire, earth were woven together wile the key element of love brilliantly, softly played it’s important role in the miraculous creation of life. 

It was truly a blessing to be a part of this event and to be reminded of our unique role in All that is.

May you be inspired to create in the space of expansiveness, passion, fluidity, beauty and love!



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