Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

                                                   Time for Creation!

                                     It is time for your unique genius to blossom.  

You are being called in the midst of chaos and insecurity to create.  It is human nature to create. 
That’s why we are here, to create something unique and original.  I remember the message in Leo Tolstoy’s story about Ivan Illyich s as he is lying on his death bed and in a moment of clarity, he sees that he has not, after all, lived well, and asks “ what if my whole life has been wrong?” 
This now present moment is the perfect time to find out what makes your heart sing.  We are each unique, and are given varied gifts and talents.   What gifts reside in you, and are just waiting to come out? Drop down from your mind and tap into your sacred heart space, to see what gems are glistening and sparkling-just waiting to be brought out and shown to the world.  

Reconnect with the knowing that you are love, and that miracles really can pour into your life and that you have the power to create the life you have envisioned overflowing with magic and miracles. Brainstorm and take your beautiful ideas to fruition.

Be purposeful, intentional and powerful.  Step out of the box. 

The reference points outside ourselves are changing, as the shift occurs.  The reference points outside of ourselves are actually dissolving. We are now finding the reference points that are reliable and dependable are found within ourselves, in our heart space.  There are forces beyond our control in play, and we are being tested.  Do we step up to the plate and create-even though we have challenges?

It’s got to be good, it’s gotta be powerful, it’s gotta be true, and we have to be masterful.  Are you ready to step into your mastery?

This is the time to accept the gifts we have been given.  It is time to shine our radiant light for all to see.  Let the seeding take place so the blossoms may bloom.


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