Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Creating your Dreams

                                   Claiming your future!
Abundance comes in All forms. It begins with the energy and power of Love. Once you remember you are firmly grounded in a place of love, then you create and attract more love to you. It creates a grand circle of abundant love. Open up your hearts to receive All the love that you are. See how good it feels to bathe yourself in this love.
It is a unique and individual thing-
Ask yourself, what brings you joy and pleasure? If I could have any future, what would that future be?  What energy in your life did you come here to have and be?  See it arriving at your door, and open up your heart gates to embrace it and appreciate the gifts which the Divine offers you. The love may also come through in the form of new spiritual awakenings. Keep an open heart/mind, and allow yourself to receive new visions of loving guidance. Focus on this light and love, as you'll attract the object of your focus. "The love" is not separate from you. There is no separation. Love is who you are my Dear Ones!

You are free to create when you are fearless, so you can devote time and energy to your life's missions. Enjoy all of your beloveds in celebration and unity sharing in their love. See money or crystals, traveling the globe with ease, or a beautiful house perhaps as the energy of love that it is. You are One. You are Powerful in your Love. As you receive your gifts of love with open arms and appreciation, you show others how to do the same. Let the love circulate and expand out into infinity and beyond. In this way you are the way-shower's. See it, feel it and be One with it!  It is Now time!!
I also wanted to share these two links with you~
Summary of Brenda’s August 23, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The energies of the next few days will help shift your personal creation perceptions. Your beliefs are that you might create after months of process. Your creations are of the future – not of the now. You can now create instantaneously – but only if you shift your belief patterns. 


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