Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wide Open Spaces

I'm inspired to talk about our surroundings and how they can affect us positively or negatively.  If you feel like you're on an endless merry-go-round with the schedules and structures of your environment, then summer can provide the perfect time to slow down and to make the re-connection to your knowingness. This is the time of the year when we are outside, enjoying the fresh air, the water and all that nature has to offer us. Enter into the expansiveness and experience yourself as vast and unlimited. Love what is - without conditions or judgments. Continually and consistently look within and create that which you desire at the core of your soul.  
Archangel Gabriel is sharing a message for you to trust and follow your inner guidance. Don't second guess yourself, rather follow the path you're shown one step at a time. Make today the best day of your life by deciding your life is yours to live in whatever way is meaningful to you! 

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