Monday, April 20, 2015

Home is where the Heart is ~

                            “Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun” ~  Kahill Gilbran

Nature offers people a path of harmony through reconnection with the green earth.  Harness the energy of Spring to clear your home and soul space. It feels so good to drink in the fresh, new energy. Allow this energy to germinate and flower into new exciting ways, both within your heart and home. Let the sun’s warmth and light fill your soul and sparkle out for all to see.  Your home is a reflection of who you are, and there is a clear connection to what you place your attention and intention on. 
You can align your inner intentions and become aware of the manifestations  you create in your outer realities.  If your home is filled with clutter this creates energetic barriers in your mind, body and soul. Obstacles are created with this clutter and are best cleared out as to let energy flow freely throughout your home and your life so that you may thrive.  Keep the energy in your home, and within your sacred heart vital by treating it as an important aspect of your life. Breath deeply and connect with the elements of wind, water, earth and fire to bring about a sense of balance and harmony into your life. 

Here are a few helpful tips in ushering in the energies of beauty, abundance and peace...

*Clutter acts like hurdles placed in your path, blocking you from creating the life you want to lead.
Alleviate clutter in one area at a time, as to not become overwhelmed. Move from one corner to the next until one room is clutter free. Now, doesn't that feel freeing!  Continue on this path and validate yourself as you progress and shift into a higher more joyful energy level.

*Remember that we are connected to All that is. We are as abundant as the air that we breath and the water that flows freely. There is no lack and  No needs. By shifting your perceptions, you alter the way you direct your energy and attention, thereby creating a fulfilling prosperous life. It is amazing to realize that we are connected to Source  and that when we are in alignment to the knowingness of an abundant life, that is indeed what we create. 

*Beauty is your essence.  Appreciate yourself, and know that your home is a reflection of the love and the light that you hold within you.  Play with the natural light, allowing it to cascade in and filter through your home.  Bring in color and watch how it transforms a bland space into a vibrant warm envelope for your enjoyment.

PS; for more ideas, or to book a session, please check out my page "Creating Your Sanctuary" and make an appointment to transform your house into a home!


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