Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Falling

I was called to take this short video the other morning.  This represents having the ability to actually let go and enjoy the ride.
You may not know exactly where it’s taking you, and if you can relax into “it” and trust that everything will be for the best, than you will 
move with grace and ease.  If on the other hand you grip tightly onto everything you thought you knew- than you may be in for a rocky ride.
Why, you ask?  Because there is a shift occurring and all of the reference points are falling away. 
It is a shift in the perception of the world.  Many have felt that something is just not right, and they’re unable to put their finger on it.
In our rush to create more for ourselves; the bigger house, a faster car,  a higher salary, we have actually created less.
We have less time to enjoy being with our loved ones or to actually spend time in our lovely homes. 
What is really missing is our true selves. We have disconnected from all of the things that nourish us, in search for things outside of ourselves.
The answer always lies within. Even in situations which at first glance may be challenging, for these bring about the greatest awarenesses. Each situation brings us to a new place of clarity-
if only we give ourselves the time and attention to see what lessons it may be bringing to us. If we can move into a place of trusting that everything is happening exactly as its supposed, everything changes for the better. 

I would like to share this little story with you. I'm finding myself in a new place these days.  I'm learning to truly trust, and this is something new for me. In the past I really didn't believe in my own abilities without knowing the " how" of things.
On this particular occasion I put it out there and was surprised when all was taken care of for me. I could have never imagined How it could have been solved.  

I had a situation occur recently where I spilled water all over my beautiful new laptop-it was a Christmas gift from my husband.
I had it out in my den area not in my office, as my son was assisting me with some technological aspects.  So I became aware as we were sitting there
that there were a few glasses of water right next to us, so I said “let me move the computer out of the way while we relax, so I don’t spill water all over
my computer”.  With that,  I had my glass in one hand, and turned to put it on the table, and swirled around and knocked the other glass all over my computer!
Now, I quickly realized I had manifested that! So my first challenge was to accept that I created that situation. So Be careful what you say and think-we are creating everything in our lives and we need 
to have this very important awareness! I quickly wiped it dry-and left it on, hoping it would dry it out. Nope! (Wrong decision, do not leave it on. It is recommended you turn off your devise immediately, so it doesn’t short out)
I knew this was presenting new opportunities for growth, and yet I wasn’t yet clear what they were.
The computer stopped workingI I placed the computer in rice, as a few friends had suggested and to no avail.  I wasn’t sure if we got the extended coverage, and called…no coverage was purchased (: 
So I called Apple, and told them I got water all over it, and gave them a serial number from a box.  I made an appointment at the local store, where the technician looked at the computer and realized that when I called it into
Apple, I gave the wrong serial number-it was my sons.  I left the computer to see if indeed it could be fixed, if so for how much, or if I needed to purchase a new one. 

The awareness's this situation brought were numerous.  
Firstly, I came to realize this situation was not who I am. What I mean by that is, I could still remain happy, centered and peaceful even in the 
middle of this stressful situation, because I am not the situation. Nothing has the ability to move me out of my certered-ness, unless I allowed it. 
Secondly, I did Not see my self as a victim, which was really cool too. I understood I was responsible, and yet I
did Not judge myself. You see when we hold our selves responsible, then we open up space so we can have an awareness. From this awareness, I worked on creating and manifesting a perfect solution. 
Thirdly, I did not blame my husband for not purchasing the additional coverage. So I remained in a calm, peaceful place
trusting that all would be handled for my highest good.   
Lastly, originally I did go to the place of lack about not having the funds to pay for it-and then realized if need be, I had the funds put aside for just this moment. I remembered there is No lack when we remember
we are connected to the abundance of all that is. There is no lack unless we believe we are separate from the abundance.

The most miraculous thing occurred, the technician realized that when I called it in that I had given the wrong serial number, I inadvertently gave them my son’s serial number,
so he was able to handle it under my coverage and did not share about the water spillage- so although the repairs added up to $850.00 he was able to put it through for me…at no charge!!! 
I was filled with great appreciation and gratitude as everything was indeed handled in a miraculous way that I could not have for-seen.  Trust and have faith as you Free Fall with All that is.

 Now I will have many more opportunities to continue to trust in all of the possibilities that can be created by and for me. Can I allow myself to engage and trust in full awareness and full purpose, as a Divine soul and a creator with each experience that all is happening for my highest good? Yes, in this present moment I choose to trust in myself and God knowing the energies will conspire to create wonderful solutions, magical opportunities, and infinite possibilities. 
I hope my story can assist you on your unique spiritual path, as you remember the wonders that await you.  



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