Monday, December 9, 2013

Do You really want to be Free?


We are in a brand New place!  This shift that we are in can be scary, if we look back on our past experiences and reference points. Or it can be magnificent, if we look at this new space filled with opportunities.  We get to choose.  You can step into this place of ownership and empowerment.

All of this energy streaming in is coming in to shine a light in any areas of imbalance in your life- such as relationships, lack of abundance or self-worth issues. It's actually a blessing to have these imbalances brought up to be resolved.  This is a powerful time of resolution.  Energy seeks resolution.  Allow this resolution to occur.

There is a whole new game being played out now.  We've been so conditioned to ask somebody else what to do, and we've given up our sense of empowerment that comes with choice and creating on our own. One of the aspects that comes with this shifting moment is your being given an opportunity to create on your own. Nothing is being taken away, rather you are being given a new set of structures to play with. This can be disarming if we've been accustomed to asking others what to do.  Try something new-step forward. It's a whole new way of living.

This step forward prepares us for enlightened living. It's like stepping into another room, another strata, where you get different choices.  If you've been hanging onto what you've had, your struggling needlessly.  You've been given your freedom!  The good news is you've been given your freedom. The bad news is you've been given your freedom.

Do you really want freedom?  Free to be absolutely who you are? Are you really ready for it?  A lot of joy, responsibility and maturity comes with freedom. 

Shift from looking down to looking up.  If we shift to looking up to the Angelic realm, the Ascended masters and God, we will find much assistance is being offered on our journey to freedom and enlightenment.  It is highly recommend you trust yourself.  Trust yourself. Trust your I am Presence.  As you go through the awakening, change your focus to include the multiple levels including the higher divine realms.  You become multi-aware. 
You've been given the opportunity to experience infinite possibilities.  Misery is an option-yes you can continue to play in guilt, pain and suffering if you so choose.  The shift opens up the possibilities to opulence and abundance, joy and well-being.  How do you choose to move forward?
Allow the awakening to come and enfold with grace and ease.  Enjoy your new found freedom!


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