Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Abundance is the path to Peace.

Abundance is the path to Peace.


The Divine gifts from the Heavenly realms are being made available to all of humanity during this time of transformation and must be magnetized into the physical plane on earth through our God selves and not through our lower human egos.


Through the divinity pulsating in my heart I consecrate my life now to the reestablishment of my covenant with God.   I clearly know and understand with my new level of Divine consciousness that whatever I am thinking, feeling, saying and doing- I am empowering and co-creating and magnetizing into my life.

From this moment forth I dedicate my thoughts, words actions and feelings to empowering and co-creating the patterns of perfection from the causal body of God on earth.

I begin with me. I invoke the entire company of heaven to come forth now, to please assist me in this holy endeavor and empower these activities of light a thousand fold. I am now co-creating heaven on earth. I am remembering who I am. I love and respect myself as a Divine child of God. I am manifesting infinite perfection in my bodies. I am vibrantly healthy, and eternally youthful and radiantly beautiful. I am filled with Divine love and I am co creating wonderful loving relationships in every avenue of my life.  I am continuously receiving the limitless flow of God's abundance and I am financially free.  I am fulfilling my purpose and I am reaching my Divine potential.

I am an open door for the infinite supply of eternal peace and limitless abundance.  For God's wisdom, illumination, love, harmony, happiness, balance and joy. I am a living example of Divine love, trust, integrity, honesty, tolerance, acceptance and reverence for all life.  I am able to listen, understand and communicate openly and honestly with every evolving soul. I am effortlessly ascending into the Divine heart and mind of God with every holy breath I take.  I am tapping into the Divine guidance from the viable solutions that will assist me in fulfilling me in my Divine plan and my purpose and reason for being.  I am an empowered instrument of God. I am the physical manifestation of God's transfiguring Divine love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, victory, justice, clarity, purity, hope  and understanding.  For God's Divine will, power, authority and order..I am the manifestation of God's divine purpose-enthusiasm, transformation and administering grace.  I am open to the Divine guidance from my God self. I easily and openly receive Divine assistance from the heavily realm through telepathic communication. I am one with all life and I can communicate openly with the angelic realm, the elemental kingdom-I am daily and hourly fulfilling the divine plan for myself and for all of mother earth.

I invoke the violet flame for any thought or feelings in time, place, dimension known and unknown that I have expressed that would in any way diminish or  interfere with these patterns of perfection from manifesting in the causal body of God in form.  I am the immaculate concept of these patterns of perfection now made manifest and sustained with holy grace. I am that I am. I am the immaculate concept of perfection now made manifest and sustained by holy grace.

God's abundance is the path to eternal Peace. And eternal Peace is the path to Gods limitless abundance. Gods golden light of the fifth dimension of infinite abundance is  available.  I breath in deeply and I become one with this golden light within my heart. As I open to this sacred space with in my heart I am receptive to Gods limitless supply pouring forth to my mind and heart. The hour has arrived and the divine fiat has been issued by God to be given full liberty and expression.  My God self rejoices in this divine edict and will now be made manifest.  I remember my gifts and am in true mastery.  There is a balance of will and power, and the divine flame of wisdom and eternal truth, peace and limitless abundance are inseparable aspects of Gods perfection.

I realize these are days of great acceleration during the shifts of the ages. I am able to withstand the incoming energies of light in love and  balance.

I am that I am and call to my presence to be the manifest of eternal peace and limitless abundance. I am reclaiming the infinite supply of abundance and know that it is my divine birthright.  

Prosperity consciousness streams into me now...and every evolving soul.  It is time for me to manifest limitless abundance and the supply of All good things. This will supply me so I can fulfill my divine plan. From my new perspective from the heart of God I clearly see that Gods limitless abundance is my natural gift of life.  I now realize that all of the previous beliefs that were based on poverty consciousness of lack and limitation were merely illusions.  Gods limitless abundance is my natural birthright-financial freedom, opulence and abundance are gods natural gifts to me (and every evolving soul) Prosperity floods into my heart and consousness and I see new innovative ways to create prosperity in my life.  I graciously accept the limitless supply of Gods abundance into my life now…and forever.  

I know the ebb and flow, the outbreath and in breadth of my life force, is a universal law and so I willingly and joyously agree to share my abundance with those that are creating heaven on earth.  This is my gift of love that I am giving back to God for my appreciation of my gift of life.  As I give, so shall I receive. I am at peace sharing my abundance and money knowing full well of God's abundance as it is flowing to me. Fear of lack from my ego no longer manipulates me. My God self is in control and I know that by continually sharing my money and my gifts of abundance with those that are working to fulfill the divine plan I open the door for perpetual flow of abundance. This is a universal law of life-it is the law of the circle. The golden light of peace and eternal abundance is now blazing through me and every particle of life. I joyfully accept financial freedom.   I freely give and am blessed to receive optimal wealth and financial freedom. Through my new found prosperity and opulence, I am manifesting unlimited abundance.  I blaze the golden flame of abundance, and radiate it to all humankind. Through the presence God I am I receive the abundance to fulfill every need and desire. I permanently open the door for a continual flow of prosperity .  I accept and know this glorious transfiguring love and peace is expanding and growing through me.  May all of humanity call to manifest this peace and abundance now. Through the presence of God I am- I permanently open the door to abundant prosperity and eternal peace.  

Through the grace of God it is victoriously accomplished. I know as never before, I am the light, bridging heaven and earth which radiates perfection throughout the Universe. 

I am one with every part of light as a unified field of light. I invoke all of the aspects of God to come and help us in our moment of transfiguration.. This matrix of light pulsates with peace and abundance and floods the earth. This divine gift of eternal peace and infinite abundance flows into my heart flame.  I now experience this flame of divine wisdom and love and know that this light must be embodied in the evolving souls on earth, and I volunteer to be an open door.  I am the open door for Gods golden flame of eternal peace and limitedness abundance.  The sacred light flows into my heart, to manifest the perfection of limitless prosperity and eternal peace.

Money flows easily and effortlessly to all who are in alignment with all good things.  As I receive this gift into my heart, I joyously receive eternal peace and infinite abundance. I have the clear knowing, will, power and authority of the Divine, I experience my life with the love and wisdom creating Heaven on Earth.

I release and relinquish all of the beliefs in poverty conscousness and lack. As I breath, think, believe and act I am in receivership of this boundless splendor.  Through this gift
money flows continuously through my hands and the hands of every person who is receiving the ideas and viable solutions from the company of heaven that will solve any illusions of poverty existing on earth .  Money flows easily and effortlessly into the hands of  of all on the planet who are operating from a presence of reverence for all life

I have the clear knowing that God is my supply.  I relinquish now all of the power that I have given to lack and limitation-Through my thoughts words, actions and feelings in any time frame known or unknown, all of the beliefs I have ever had that were based in poverty consciousness.  From this moment forward I dedicate my life to be the open door through which the higher frequencies of eternal peace and limitless abundance will flow to bless me, my family, friends, coworkers and all of humanity. 

I realize the gifts of eternal peace and Gods limitless abundance are occurring in this now moment.  I am a multidimensional being of light and I am eternally financially free.

Everything I need is available to me. The universal laws "knock and the door will be open, Ask and you shall receive" are instantly manifest in my life. The company of heaven rejoices with me as I reclaim my divine birthright to eternal peace and the God supply of all good things.

In deep love I am the open door until heaven on earth is completely manifest-beloved I am.

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